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Gender: Male
Hometown: Western Pennsylvania
Member since: Wed Feb 1, 2006, 12:47 PM
Number of posts: 2,456

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+100. Wilson's acts of backing up the car and opening the door warrant examination.

It seems to me that it was not sound police practice to back up the car and open its door when it was so close to Michael Brown and Johnson when, at the time, Wilson regarded them as suspects in the store incident. It seems as though Wilson was trying to set up a resisting arrest scenario. After all, Wilson testified that he had been surprised by Michael Brown's hostile attitude when he previously told Michael to walk on the sidewalk instead of the street. Police know that a young male who has just perpetrated a foolish act is likely to up the ante when confronted by a police officer. I think that, when Wilson opened the car door, Michael lost his temper and pushed it back. Both of them proceeded to ratchet up the use of force. I think that Wilson drew his weapon and Michael pushed Wilson's arm to avoid being shot. The first shot ensued nonetheless. I do not think this chain of events should have gotten this far. Wilson should have radioed for backup when he realized that Michael Brown matched the description of the perpetrator in the store incident.

Every year when November rolls around, I feel gloomy anticipation for this calendar date.

I was in my second grade classroom at Catholic school when the public address speaker suddenly blared a radio news report that President Kennedy had been shot while riding in a motorcade in Dallas, Texas, and that he was taken to a hospital where his condition was critical. I was generally aware of the location of the city because a family member had worked there. I was not sure of what a motorcade was, but I came to understand that the president had been seated in the back seat of a convertible when he was shot. Before long, the class was given a restroom break. In the hall, the principal explained the meaning of "critical." When we returned to the classroom, the public address speaker was quiet. After a short while, it again started with the radio news feed. The president was dead.

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