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Member since: Thu Feb 9, 2006, 07:35 PM
Number of posts: 13,190

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Video of Russian Pilot shoot down being surrounded by Rebels

Professor Allan Lichtman's state of the 2016 Presidential and Senate elections


Have I missed something because the Corporate media acts as if this country

Was hit by terrorist instead of Paris.It's all about the President isn't doing good on terrorism.WHAT!! when we're we hit since Obama has been in office.I didn't see this kind of criticism after 911 in reference to Bush.I've decided to turn off ALL Corporate news channels for the next few weeks.And listen to progressive stations on radio only.

Watching the corporate news media you would have though we

We're hit by Isis instead of Paris.All I've heard are insults thrown at the President from these rethugs running for President.Tweety even called the President snarky because of his response to the foolishness of the rightwing.Even April Ryan was saying the President was wrong in his tone.

President Obama has killed two Isis leaders in two days and there's no mention of it


OH BOY!!!# hear we go because of the Paris attack.the corporate media

Is trying to make the case we need more troops in Iraq.What utter bullshit this was being discussed on Meet The depress.Basically they were blaming the President for not having a good plan for Isis.I turned the shit off

Why the hell do I have to listen to Alex Witt at 8:00AM instead of

AL Sharpton that's supposed to be on.at 8:00AM.Alex is on all day Sunday What the hell.Epic.failure from MSNBC

I am so proud of Bernie ,Hillary and O'Malley

Any one will make an exellent President over that clown show on the other side.I'm supporting Hillary for the primary but if Bernie or O'Malley get the nomination I won't be mad I'll support them enthusiastically

Fiorina doesnt correct a racist calling the President a black Muslim


Another epic failure election with Debbie Wasserman Schultz in charge of the DNC

I can't remember any major wins since she's been in charge
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