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Name: Home Boy
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Hell, Michigan
Home country: The Great Satan
Current location: I don't know.
Member since: Sat Mar 4, 2006, 11:49 PM
Number of posts: 31,493

About Me

I am voting for Bernie Sanders.

Journal Archives

There's no point in responding to the nonsense. They are not real Dems anyway.

Clinton moved the party center right and Obama has done the same so now it's so far to the right it isn't really the old school traditional Dem party. When you see all the worship and "can do no wrong" crap you know there isn't any introspect going on so there is no going back to the left. With Obama the left got immediately thrown under the bus along with the youth voters. Now they, the center right, right and more right want our votes for another Clinton right. I'll tell ya "right" where the party is going ...they are becoming what republicans used to be IMO. Even the mention of changing SS for the worse is enough to see where the party has gone. After going thru and actively participating in the 60's changes this shit makes me sick.

I knew this would happen back in the eayly 70's. People thought I was nuts.

It is inevitable that the most needed resources will be potable water. You can live without food for about a month if you have water but with no water you only have about a week. This is already a life or death situation for many in the world. Here we are using what's left of the Ogallala aquifer to produce corn for feed and fuel. The Crystal River spring water resource has already been contracted out and I sure many other sources in the US have been acquired. They are stealing our publicly owned resource ...water. We better fight them ....oh fuck it ...keep watching your Dancing with the Farts shows.

These sociopaths (people like Paul Ryan) aren't playing ...they intend to kill us or do us great harm ...it is a direct threat to our lives. People like Paul Ryan want the poor to die and so do these sociopath corporations if you don't have money for them. This is the value of human life here in the God Bless America world ...no money ...no job ...you are nothing! It's been "over there" and it's now coming here. Is it time to revolt yet?

I am lucky I can afford to even be online and here typing text on DU.

What they've done to the Constitution was not done democratically by the majority of an informed...

US population. We can't be informed because they hide the truth in state secrets. We can't trust the voting system because corporations own the machines with proprietary hackable code and SCOTUS will when it can, decide for us. We are forced to accept candidates that are manipulated and selected by the corporate media. Steal a car and get killed by the cops but steal from the US people and get a fat TARP pie. Iraq war criminals live in security and peace while new ones are preparing to do the same. The MIC profits from the deaths of children while its employees make enough money send their kids to the best colleges. Public schools are being destroyed and everyone is going to end up having their kids graduate from K12 schools online. Ya can't even pledge allegiance to the flag without questioning the validity of the words used nor sing the nation anthem without also questioning the validity of the words used. Imposter's hold office and the nations poor, sick and elderly are at severe risk because of unbridled greed. SCOTUS runs wild with interpretations only Timothy Leary could come up with and the Goldman Sachs congressional mafia plays Uncle Wiggly and Chutes and Ladders. The executive branch runs its Punch and Judy puppet show after suckering punching every lefty progressive who sided with the Dems in a facade of hope and change. US democracy is an illusion with its zombie voter party constituents, all the while operating under the pretense of American exceptional-ism and a never ending war on perceived terrorism coming from all sides and internally too. National fear mongering is all the rage to enable endless money being thrown into vast secret DHS and NSA operations partly designed to protect the 1% from the rest of us ...and most certainly it will be used against us should we the people take up cause against this continuing attack on our constitutional and human rights. I totally understand why the elderly wish to not even think about it anymore but try to live out the remainder of their lives without being cast out into the streets or die on the steps of a hospital. Apathy? O yes indeed ...and much of it.

Cops and the patriotic enlisties we praise will kill us. I expect it will eventually happen.

Maybe someone can explain to me how and or why it is now legal for US military to fight and or harm the US people who may be demonstrating and or protesting against government actions and or inactions ...and violations of the principles laid out in the Constitution. Who has the authority without the consent of of the majority to change the interpretation of the Constitution? Don't tell ma all about the SCOTUS that I did NOT vote for. IMO all 3 branches are to represent the majority of the US people and if they don't then they should be forcibly removed from office since they have clearly violated the principles laid out in our Constitution to which they swore a moral oath to uphold. I submit that only the majority of the represented US people have the real authority to change the Constitution through elected representatives when those said representative actually do represent the will of the majority of the US people. While they do represent a majority of the voters who voted for them those said voters are not the all inclusive population of the majority to which they are to represent. So in actuality they do not represent the majority if they should pass any bill or amendment that clearly does not represent the majority of the voting and non voting people of the USA. You want an example? Most recent is the national gun background check. There was and still is a majority of the US people who want this and our facade of representatives would not follow the will of the majority. If they do not represent the majority then they have no right to govern over us. They were elected to serve our interests, not corporate or military interests. They don't represent us and they will not really represent us unless the money is removed from their cold dead hearts! You want to see a militarized US ...just try and stop the 1%!

Yea well I don't control who is calling what "terrorism". A witch hunt in the USA is not acceptable

now or ever. Occupy = terrorists, save the whale = terrorists, save the trees = terrorists, protect the land = terrorists. I am not afraid of those kinds of terrorists. I'm more concerned about the idiot texting while driving than any real terrorist. It's irrational to spend so damned much money on a secret unaccountable monster over a band of maybe 3000 criminals. The damned power hungry military monsters have used 911 and everything since to build themselves up. Our country starts this shit by interfering with other countries, killing innocent people which creates more terrorists and then they want to spy on me? Some husband who had his family killed by one of our drones decides to get back at the US. That's not a terrorist. Our military plants a base in an Islamic country and it pisses off the Muslims and we thumb our noses at em ...they attack us and they are terrorists? I fear what our own government is doing much more than any real terrorists. Everyone can go play the fearful soccer mom but leave me the hell out of it.

Democracy in the USA is like a zombie. It's dead and it doesn't know it.

A corrupt corporate ass licking SCOTUS ...political campaigns financed by the 1% ...US diplomats shilling for Monsanto GMO ...a morphed right wing Democratic party ...might as well call it the Demoplican party ...congress with less that a 10 % approval ...more war on the way like that's what the US people want ...less transparency ...indefinite detention ...militarized police force used against protestors ...demonstrators jailed ...eco greens = terrorists ...unfulfilled POTUS promises ...buck being passed around or ping ponged ...reframing ...framing ...false equivalency ...attacks on journalists and their sources ...banksters continue to sell packaged bullshit as derivatives cause they know their buddies will bale them out with the tax payer fools money ...pffft

Yea I will vote Dem but I will feel like I am just another voting zombie.

This is how it starts.

<>Over 900 people have been arrested across Turkey for what the authorities called a security measure.

Bet me this doesn't turn out to go full scale!

More info... and my opinion...


<>In a speech to the Levy Economics Institute of Bard College's annual Minsky Conference last Thursday, Undersecretary for Domestic Finance Mary Miller claimed that Dodd-Frank had already solved the “Too Big to Fail” problem.

Oh really ...it's solved now? Yea well don't let the next popping bubble of the Wallstreet balloon pop you in the ass.

<>Senators Sherrod Brown and David Vitter, introduced legislation yesterday to force the biggest banks to foot the bill for their own mistakes by imposing higher capital requirements.

Oh dear we can't be having that ...that would mean that Obama's Dodd Frank bill isn't good enough.

<>Vitter also said the legislation would “level the playing field and take away a government policy subsidy, if you will, that exists in the market now favoring size.”

Gee the policy favors size? That sounds like the opposite of what should be happening. Too big to fail ...so then favor size? WTF

Obama has a lot in common with big banks and Wallstreet ...they are both too big to fail IMO.

<>For example, Miller discounts an influential working paper from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) showing an $83 billion annual subsidy for mega-banks from their Too Big to Fail status by saying its evidence “predates the financial crisis and Dodd-Frank’s reforms.”

Wow ...hmmm 83 billion ...now where have I seen that figure before? Oh yea the auster... err sequester over 83 billion. Oh well that's just a Beck-ish coincidence. But really ...big banks are being subsidized? WTF

Well this is the rot at the core of our capitalism where we have welfare for the rich corporations and they get to control everything including Obama and the House. The worshippers can go on with the cult of personally with who ever the next puppet is after this good cop bad cop show is over and the core problem will go on and screw us again and again ...and by the time the lesson gets learned there won't be a way to bring this country back into the real control of we the people. I don't believe there is a way out for this corruption of our government and country. Now go back to watching The Voice.

It used to be that rich people felt an obligation to give back to the society that helped make them

rich. The key word is "felt". So let's put the measurement of the "what rich is" goal post on wheels so the rich can move it should they ever be accused of not feeling like they should give back something to society. So let's keep debating what rich really is ....cause that's working out so well for all of us. For those who don't know ...some of us can only wish we had money for an IRA ...instead we are hoping we won't be out on the street when we are 80.

Congress and senate will not care as long as they get campaign fundng from Exxon, United, ect...

So those that make their income from stocks investments with have to pay a little more SS ...while they enjoy the 14.9% fed rate. Am I suppose to care? Would there be any real threat to jobs here? They are not creating jobs here anyway IMO. Any jobs that might be created for American citizens are mostly service jobs which are subsidized by tax breaks for the corporations and food stamps for their workers ...example Wallmart. The tech jobs here mostly go to "more and better educated" persons from overseas or in other words subsidies to other countries work force. Why should it matter to the common little person and voter what problems the overly spent rich people have? I understand after you allocate your income for 300k that additional expenditures may cause some hardship but that pales in comparison to the plight of the 15-20k a year worker. It's not the fault of the poor that people who make more money spend more and end up in a jam when things go south. Where do they spend that higher income and on what? Bigger home ...better boat ...golf club ...yacht club ...5 star restaurants ...fancy cars ...college for the kids ...health insurance ...all of which the poor could never hope to attain. The Heritage Foundation propaganda is free market capitalism and that is really only for them and not people who make 15-20k a year. I find no excuse for anyone making 10 times as much to complain about their financial problems for any reason ...except maybe health problems which can and does bankrupt just about everyone except the extreme rich. You have to be rich enough to pay for lawyers to get bad faith insurance to pay up on a legit claim anyway. Certainly IMO having the cap limit did not and will not assist job creation. I am tired of the anti American pro unrestricted free market capitalistic Reagan lies ...and the stupid people who believe them.
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