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L0oniX's Journal
L0oniX's Journal
July 28, 2013

What they've done to the Constitution was not done democratically by the majority of an informed...

US population. We can't be informed because they hide the truth in state secrets. We can't trust the voting system because corporations own the machines with proprietary hackable code and SCOTUS will when it can, decide for us. We are forced to accept candidates that are manipulated and selected by the corporate media. Steal a car and get killed by the cops but steal from the US people and get a fat TARP pie. Iraq war criminals live in security and peace while new ones are preparing to do the same. The MIC profits from the deaths of children while its employees make enough money send their kids to the best colleges. Public schools are being destroyed and everyone is going to end up having their kids graduate from K12 schools online. Ya can't even pledge allegiance to the flag without questioning the validity of the words used nor sing the nation anthem without also questioning the validity of the words used. Imposter's hold office and the nations poor, sick and elderly are at severe risk because of unbridled greed. SCOTUS runs wild with interpretations only Timothy Leary could come up with and the Goldman Sachs congressional mafia plays Uncle Wiggly and Chutes and Ladders. The executive branch runs its Punch and Judy puppet show after suckering punching every lefty progressive who sided with the Dems in a facade of hope and change. US democracy is an illusion with its zombie voter party constituents, all the while operating under the pretense of American exceptional-ism and a never ending war on perceived terrorism coming from all sides and internally too. National fear mongering is all the rage to enable endless money being thrown into vast secret DHS and NSA operations partly designed to protect the 1% from the rest of us ...and most certainly it will be used against us should we the people take up cause against this continuing attack on our constitutional and human rights. I totally understand why the elderly wish to not even think about it anymore but try to live out the remainder of their lives without being cast out into the streets or die on the steps of a hospital. Apathy? O yes indeed ...and much of it.

July 27, 2013

Cops and the patriotic enlisties we praise will kill us. I expect it will eventually happen.

Maybe someone can explain to me how and or why it is now legal for US military to fight and or harm the US people who may be demonstrating and or protesting against government actions and or inactions ...and violations of the principles laid out in the Constitution. Who has the authority without the consent of of the majority to change the interpretation of the Constitution? Don't tell ma all about the SCOTUS that I did NOT vote for. IMO all 3 branches are to represent the majority of the US people and if they don't then they should be forcibly removed from office since they have clearly violated the principles laid out in our Constitution to which they swore a moral oath to uphold. I submit that only the majority of the represented US people have the real authority to change the Constitution through elected representatives when those said representative actually do represent the will of the majority of the US people. While they do represent a majority of the voters who voted for them those said voters are not the all inclusive population of the majority to which they are to represent. So in actuality they do not represent the majority if they should pass any bill or amendment that clearly does not represent the majority of the voting and non voting people of the USA. You want an example? Most recent is the national gun background check. There was and still is a majority of the US people who want this and our facade of representatives would not follow the will of the majority. If they do not represent the majority then they have no right to govern over us. They were elected to serve our interests, not corporate or military interests. They don't represent us and they will not really represent us unless the money is removed from their cold dead hearts! You want to see a militarized US ...just try and stop the 1%!

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I am voting for Bernie Sanders.
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