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L0oniX's Journal
L0oniX's Journal
October 27, 2014

The production of solar cells is highly toxic. Taking a step back is no where close to achieving...

an equivalency. Energy use world wide is at an all time high and growing with the population. We will end up using coal in the end and the necessity of energy use will trump global climate change. Many who were once advocates of clean energy change after examining the facts. There was one of these converts on PBS the other night who was saying the same thing. If you look at enough pie charts concerning fossil fuel use compared to clean energy use you can see the enormous and impossible challenge it really is. There's no way to stop the train that has left the station a long time ago. I wish it was not so but then I'm on my way out in the next ten to 20 years.

October 7, 2014

Too Big to Jail? Obama at the top of bankster fraud.

http://billmoyers.com/episode/full-show-big-jail/ ---video well worth watching

Attorney General Eric Holder’s resignation last week reminds us of an infuriating fact: No banking executives have been criminally prosecuted for their role in causing the biggest financial disaster since the Great Depression.

“I blame Holder. I blame Timothy Geithner,” veteran bank regulator William K. Black tells Bill this week. “But they are fulfilling administration policies. The problem definitely comes from the top. And remember, Obama wouldn’t have been president but for the financial contribution of bankers.”

And the rub? While large banks have been penalized for their role in the housing meltdown, the costs of those fines will be largely borne by shareholders and taxpayers as the banks write off the fines as the cost of doing business. And by and large these top executives got to keep their massive bonuses and compensation, despite the fallout.

Yea I'll say it ...Obama was picked because of the banksters over the deal. The deal? Don't prosecute them for the fraud they were/are committing. The fraud still goes on because of Obama and Holder. Face it ...there is no real justice in this fucked up country. It really is one set of laws for us and ...well ...no laws for them. Our war criminals and banksters run free. They wanted to make sure that there would not be another round of prison like it did for the savings and loan crimes of the past where over a 1000 went to the slammer. Remember the Keating Five? Some Dems there ...huh. But now the system is fixed for them and they are free to do it again. Obama installed Geithner one of the chief crooks in charge. What does that tell you? I knew it was bad when that happened. I knew we had been had. It really doesn't matter who gets elected anymore ...it's just a good cop bad cop show and entertainment for the rich. They are laughing at us. You believe in this system? Fine ...vote then ...I will ...but I know it doesn't really matter. I'm just another zombie party voter. It's pathetic. Bottom line for me is ...until the rich controllers are expelled from politics we have no chance of changing this system. Since the rich are part of the House there's no chance that will ever happen. Poor people can't contribute enough to really assist in a election campaign ...but the rich can and do so to our ruin. I fully expect another financial crash or worse. Debs had it right...

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