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Gender: Female
Hometown: PNW
Current location: In front of my computer
Member since: Mon Mar 27, 2006, 11:54 AM
Number of posts: 12,272

Journal Archives

Buddy brought in a live baby bird, advice needed (pic)

This little bird can hop well, but cannot fly. I put him outside, keeping the cat in, to see if there was anyway he could make it. He was calling for his family, but they didn't respond. I put him back in the crate and gave him sunflower seeds and water. He is in the garage now, still calling for his family. I live in Seattle, it is warm here now. I am concerned that he is too young to feed himself the seeds. Maybe I should mush them up in water?


Echelon Extra

But “this is more than just a data center,” says one senior intelligence official who until recently was involved with the program. The mammoth Bluffdale center will have another important and far more secret role that until now has gone unrevealed. It is also critical, he says, for breaking codes. And code-breaking is crucial, because much of the data that the center will handle—financial information, stock transactions, business deals, foreign military and diplomatic secrets, legal documents, confidential personal communications—will be heavily encrypted. According to another top official also involved with the program, the NSA made an enormous breakthrough several years ago in its ability to cryptanalyze, or break, unfathomably complex encryption systems employed by not only governments around the world but also many average computer users in the US. The upshot, according to this official: “Everybody’s a target; everybody with communication is a target.”

Construction of the $1.2 billion Data Center is scheduled to be completed in October 2013.

And I gather infinite storage and retrieval capability of collected data is also in the plans. I am not familiar enough with Echelon to know all of the differences.
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