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Member since: Wed Mar 29, 2006, 07:05 AM
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Tucker announces he is partnering with Elon Musk and bringing his live show to Twitter.

You have got to be joking....Musk really showing his true colors now


Russian sausage tycoon Pavel Antov dies in Indian hotel fall

Whoops another one


Russian sausage tycoon Pavel Antov has been found dead at an Indian hotel, two days after a friend died during the same trip.
They were visiting the eastern state of Odisha and the millionaire, who was also a local politician, had just celebrated his birthday at the hotel.
Antov was a well known figure in the city of Vladimir, east of Moscow.
Last summer he denied criticising Russia's war in Ukraine after a message appeared on his WhatsApp account.

Carl Levin, Former US senator from Michigan who served in Congress for 36 years, has died at 87


The first day of early voting in Colorado saw a 2377% increase in turnout compared to 2016.


I have no doubt this is a wave election. People do not vote like this for incumbents

Breaking :Barr's unmasking probe on Obama ends silently with nothin


Conchata Ferrell has sadly passed away .. Bye bye Berta


She was an amazing actress, I hate 2020

Game,set and match : NBC News reports @BarackObama is about to hit the campaign trail for Biden


Cunningham up 10 in new poll of NC - 49% to 39%


Cal Cunningham up 49%-39% over Tillis in new SurveyUSA poll. He's *improved* since the texting scandal -- he was up 7% in the last poll.

Cunningham lost some ground with seniors, who I guess are used to having higher moral standards for electeds

Cunningham is losing ground with women and seniors since the sexting scandal but *gaining* ground with men and young voters, per this poll.


Well that is good news.

A Pres.at the end of 1st term tweeting this country's going to hell is a unique re-election message.


I mean seriously Dude, you are not helping yourself..................

IBD/Tipp poll moves from +3 to +9 for Biden 52%-43%

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