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Sherman A1

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Gender: Male
Current location: U.S.
Member since: Sat May 13, 2006, 06:37 AM
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To Tell Someone They're Wrong, First Tell Them They're Right

The 17th century philosopher Blaise Pascal is perhaps best known for Pascal’s Wager which, in the first formal use of decision theory, argued that believing in God is the most pragmatic decision. But it seems the French thinker also had a knack for psychology. As Brain Pickings points out, Pascal set out the most effective way to get someone to change their mind, centuries before experimental psychologists began to formally study persuasion:

When we wish to correct with advantage, and to show another that he errs, we must notice from what side he views the matter, for on that side it is usually true, and admit that truth to him, but reveal to him the side on which it is false. He is satisfied with that, for he sees that he was not mistaken, and that he only failed to see all sides. Now, no one is offended at not seeing everything; but one does not like to be mistaken, and that perhaps arises from the fact that man naturally cannot see everything, and that naturally he cannot err in the side he looks at, since the perceptions of our senses are always true.

Pascal added:

People are generally better persuaded by the reasons which they have themselves discovered than by those which have come into the mind of others.

Put simply, Pascal suggests that before disagreeing with someone, first point out the ways in which they’re right. And to effectively persuade someone to change their mind, lead them to discover a counter-point of their own accord. Arthur Markman, psychology professor at The University of Texas at Austin, says both these points hold true.


The meaning of "opaque"

Is unclear................

I tried to grab some fog yesterday, but I


St. Louis Region Has 'One Last Chance' To Curb Coronavirus Before Restrictions Return

The St. Louis region could see renewed government restrictions to stop the spread of the coronavirus if the number of new cases doesn’t go down within a week, St. Louis and St. Louis County leaders said Monday.

The number of people testing positive is increasing in the bistate area. The metro area has seen about 1,412 new positive cases per day over the last week. That's up 57.8% over last week, according to data gathered by the New York Times.

That puts the region at a dangerous crossroads, St. Louis County Executive Sam Page told reporters Monday.

“I want to be clear with everyone: If this doesn’t change a week or two from now, and we’re standing here with the same rate of increase, then we will have to be considering more restrictions,” he said. “We have one last chance to slow the cases of COVID-19 in our community before we are forced to take action.”


Moon Exposure Calculator

A friend sent this link to me and I find it very useful for figuring settings to do moon photos. You need only enter your camera type and a few details and you are good to go.

Thought I would pass it along.

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