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Sherman A1

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Gender: Male
Current location: U.S.
Member since: Sat May 13, 2006, 07:37 AM
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Journal Archives

February 7, 1935

The classic board game Monopoly is invented.

Monopoly is an American-originated board game published by Parker Brothers. Subtitled "The Fast-Dealing Property Trading Game", the game is named after the economic concept of monopoly — the domination of a market by a single entity. It is currently published by the United States game and toy company Hasbro. Players move around the game board buying or trading property, developing their properties with houses and hotels, and collecting rent from their opponents.


UFCW Local Ordered to Hold New Election

SAN JOSE, Calif. — United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 5 here must conduct a new election to fill several positions, including president, because of perceived violations in the election process late last summer, according to Joseph T. Hansen, president of the UFCW International.

Ron Lind, the incumbent, was reelected president of Local 5 in the first election, beating Roger Rivera, a union representative, who has since left the union.

In a letter dated Jan. 29 Hansen said an investigation by the international revealed that “allegations related to the use of union equipment and on-the-clock campaigning were found to have merit ... [and] may have impacted the results of the election” last September. He ordered that a new election be held no later than March 22, with only candidates who ran in the first election eligible to run in the second election "provided they have maintained continuous active membership in Local 5."

However, because Rivera is no longer with the union, he has not maintained "continuous active membership" and is therefore ineligible to run in the new election.

Read More: http://supermarketnews.com/retail-amp-financial/ufcw-local-ordered-hold-new-election#ixzz2KAehIeST

Bashas' Cites Malware in Customer Data Breach

CHANDLER, Ariz. — Bashas’ here said Tuesday that it was the victim of a cyber-attack through which the perpetrators appear to have gained access to customers’ payment-card information.

“Bashas' is and has been compliant with all Payment Card Industry [PCI] security requirements,” the company said in a statement. “However, we recently located and removed a highly sophisticated piece of malware that has never been seen before in the industry. The malware has been identified and contained, and we are working with forensic specialists and federal law enforcement officials in their investigation to find those responsible.”

A spokeswoman for Bashas’ told SN that the company had been contacted by customers “in some counties” who noticed suspicious activity on their payment-card accounts, which prompted it to investigate.

Bashas’ said in its statement that it has installed additional security measures in its point-of-sale and enterprise systems to further protect customer information. It has also sent emails to customers and media outlets, and posted notices in all of its stores notifying customers of the situation and asking them to monitor their credit card and debit card accounts.

Read More: http://supermarketnews.com/retail-amp-financial/bashas-cites-malware-customer-data-breach#ixzz2KAdzjMgB

Delhaize America Cutting Jobs

As part of its ongoing restructuring efforts, Salisbury, N.C.-based Delhaize America has revealed plans to lay off employees. All eliminated positions will be above store manager level, CEO Roland Smith said in an internal e-mail sent to employees this week.

“Delhaize America has been focused on implementing a new organizational structure that enables the company to operate more effectively and efficiently,” Christy Phillips-Brown, director, external communications & community relations, told Progressive Grocer. “In support of this continued work, the company has made a number of organizational changes across Delhaize America, which will be communicated to associates this week. These decisions will result in nearly 500 fewer positions, including the elimination of 150 open positions. These decisions were carefully considered and made with the ultimate goal of serving our customers, growing our business and creating shareholder value.”

Out of respect for affected associates, Phillips-Brown declined to offer specifics regarding what positions will be eliminated and when the job cuts would take effect. She noted that the company’s new organizational structure was on track to be completed by the middle of this month, and that the layoffs were part of the process. With the completion of the reorganization, Phillips-Brown said that no additional actions were planned at the present time.

Delhaize America, a division of Brussels, Belgium-based retail conglomerate Delhaize Group, operates several grocery chains under the Food Lion, Bottom Dollar Food, Harveys, Hannaford Supermarkets, Reid’s and Sweetbay Supermarket banners. The company has a total of about 100,000 employees, and about 80 percent of Delhaize America officers are located in Salisbury.


Blunt: Path To Citizenship Hardest For People To Accept

Just months after the GOP’s poor performance among Latino voters, a group of eight senators -- four Republicans and four Democrats -- has renewed calls for immigration reform.

The plan would address four issues: border security, expanding opportunities for legal immigrants, an employee identification system and an arduous path to citizenship.

But Republican Senator Roy Blunt told reporters that it's the last one that will be the most problematic.

"The path to citizenship is the least defined and the hardest for people to accept," Blunt told reporters in a conference call. "Wal-Mart knows more about how many rolls of paper towels they have in any given store than we know about someone who’s here illegally and if they’re still here or not. We're way behind.”


McCaskill Unhappy With USPS Cutting Saturday Deliveries

Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill is none too pleased with the United States Postal Service announcement that Saturday mail delivery is coming to an end.

And she blames House Republicans for it.

"“We won a hard-fought battle in the Senate last year with strongly bipartisan postal reform that would have put the Postal Service on the path to sound financial footing...and provided strict criteria for the Postal Service to meet before eliminating six-day delivery," McCaskill said in a harshly worded statement.

"Unfortunately, instead of passing the bill, the Republicans in the U.S. House abandoned rural America and allowed the legislation to die. And this is the result of their inaction—an unnecessary loss for business, rural families and the principle of compromise.”


Hearing On Right-To-Work Bill Draws Hundreds To Mo. Capitol

Supporters and opponents of legislation that would make Missouri a right-to-work state crowded into a hearing room today at the State Capitol.

House Bill 77 would forbid workers from being forced to join unions or pay union dues as a condition of employment. Greg Hoberock, national chair of Associated Builders and Contractors, testified in favor of the measure.

“I think you need a balance," Hoberock said. "I don’t think this bill excludes union membership -- I think it give the employee(s) the right to make their own choice to further (their) income and to have a job and to do what they want to do.”

Mike Lewis, Secretary-Treasurer of the Missouri chapter of the AFL-CIO, spoke against the bill. He says becoming a right-to-work state would allow “freeloaders” to enjoy union benefits without paying for them.


Mo. Legislative Black Caucus Opposes Photo Voter I.D. Legislation

The Missouri Legislative Black Caucus is speaking out against legislation in both the House and Senate that would require voters to show photo ID’s at the polls.

In each chamber there are proposed constitutional amendments that would allow for photo ID requirements, along with accompanying bills that would enact the proposed requirements -- HB 48 and HJR 1 in the Missouri House, and SB 27 and SJR 6 in the Missouri Senate. State Senator Jamilah Nasheed (D, St. Louis) chairs the caucus. She and other caucus members say Republicans are trying to suppress the voting rights of minorities, the disabled, the poor and elderly.

“Here we go again," Nasheed said at a news conference at the State Capitol. "We know that there hasn’t been any sign of voter fraud and voter suppression here in the state of Missouri, so why are we dealing with this time and time again, year after year after year?”

Nasheed also told reporters that it’s hypocritical of Republicans to push for photo ID requirements for voters while opposing background checks for gun purchases. Missouri’s 2006 photo voter ID law was tossed out by the State Supreme Court.


Webster Groves Council expands housing anti-discrimination protections to include sexual orientation

The Webster Groves City Council has unanimously approved an amendment to the city’s Fair Housing Code that supporters say will protect renters and buyers from being discriminated against based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

The council’s action, taken Tuesday night, doesn’t go as far as the anti-discrimination ordinances recently approved by the St. Louis County Council and several county municipalities, which also applied to employment and public accommodations.

Still, some gay-rights supporters praised the council’s action. "I celebrate that the movement for nondiscrimination is rolling forward in Webster Groves thanks to the City Council’s readiness to pass a Fair Housing ordinance that protects LGBT citizens," says Deb Krause of Eden Theological Seminary.

"As a faith leader and a 20-year Webster Groves resident, I pray that this important action will be followed soon by ordinances to ensure fairness for all with regard to employment and public accommodations. Webster Groves is a community too great to discriminate!"


Amy Dunbar: Tardiness-Hating OB/GYN Now Most Reviled St. Louisan on Facebook

Hey, guess what, Chris Higgins? You are no longer the most reviled St. Louisan on Facebook! Your reign was short, though intense, but the torch has now been passed to Dr. Amy Dunbar, an OB/GYN at St. John's Mercy Medical Center in Creve Coeur (aka the Baby Factory), who had the sheer, unmitigated gall to complain to her friends on Facebook about a patient who was three hours late for an appointment. Not just an ordinary checkup, mind you:

Dunbar's friends, many of whom are doctors or RNs, responded sympathetically, albeit crudely, suggesting that the mother-to-be was perhaps hitting up the drive-thru or the bar. It should be noted that the only comment Dunbar made to the thread was to explain that she had not cancelled the appointment because the patient had had a prior stillbirth.

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