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Daily Holidays -April 8

Draw a Bird Day In 1943, Dorie Cooper was a 7 year old living in England. Her mother took her to a hospital in to visit her uncle who was wounded in the war. While they were there, Dorie's uncle was very distraught, having lost his right leg to a land mine. In an attempt to cheer him up, she asked him "Draw a bird for me, please" Even though he was unwell, he decided to do as Dorie asked. He looked out his window and drew a picture of a robin.

After seeing her uncle's bird picture, Dorie laughed out loud and proclaimed that he was not a very good artist, but that she would hang the picture in her room nonetheless. Her uncle's spirits were lifted by his niece's complete honesty and acceptance. Several other wounded soldiers also had their day brightened by the event and every time Dorie came to visit thereafter, they held drawing contests to see who could produce the best bird pictures. Within several months, the entire ward's walls were decorated by bird drawings.

3 years later, Dorie was killed after being struck by a car. At her funeral, her coffin was filled with bird images that had been made by soldiers, nurses and doctors from the ward where her uncle had been. Ever since then, those men and women remembered the little girl that brought hope to the ward by drawing birds on her birthday, April 8th.

Draw a Bird Day was never declared an official holiday, but it grew through those soldiers and medical personnel and their families. Today, it is celebrated world wide as a way to express joy in the very simplest of things in life and as a way to help soldiers everywhere forget war and suffering even if only for a short time. http://www.dabday.com

Trading Cards for Grown Ups Day Happy Trading Cards For Grown-ups Day! A day for all those out there who have passed the age where trading cards were “cool” (I say that like they ever were, but really, trading cards kind of left the tiny corner of the playground they occupied by age 12 at the latest right?) but have never quite felt the need to let go of their trading cards. Whether it be for nostalgic reasons or because they will definitely be worth something someday (just like the beanie babies you still have in your closet) get out your trading cards and have a little trip down memory lane. Or, if you still actually use your cards instead instead of keeping them in your closet to collect dust as I do, perhaps get together with some people and celebrate. https://365reasonstocelebrate.wordpress.com/tag/trading-cards-for-grown-ups-day/


Missouri, Illinois voters go to the polls for local elections

oters across Missouri and Illinois go to the polls Tuesday to decide on hundreds of municipal and county races, school board seats and local ballot questions.

Polls throughout both states are open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Among the nationally watched electoral hot spots will be Ferguson, where residents will be filling three of the city’s seven City Council seats.

In the wake of last year’s rioting following the shooting death of black Ferguson resident Michael Brown by white police Officer Darren Wilson, there has been widespread speculation that the city’s black majority might increase black membership on the City Council.


Don't forget to get out to the polls and cast your ballot Democracy belongs to those who show up.

Daily Holidays -April 7

Coffee Cake Day Coffee cake was not invented, rather it evolved from a variety of different types of cakes.
Cakes in their various forms have been around since biblical times, the simplest varieties made from honey or dates and other fruits.
The Danish came up with the earliest versions of coffee cake. Around the 17th century in Europe, it became the custom to enjoy a delicious sweet and yeasty type of bread when drinking coffee beverages.
There are many available combinations, everything from blueberry coffee cakes to cinnamon walnut coffee cake and more. http://foodimentary.com/2012/04/07/april-7-national-coffee-cake-day/

World Health Day New data on the harm caused by foodborne illnesses underscore the global threats posed by unsafe foods, and the need for coordinated, cross-border action across the entire food supply chain. World Health Day will be celebrated on 7 April, with WHO highlighting the challenges and opportunities associated with food safety under the slogan "From farm to plate, make food safe." http://www.who.int/campaigns/world-health-day/2015/en/

International Beaver Day The beaver may be the national animal of Canada but the furry dam-building rodent can be found across the North American continent and Eurasia as two distinct species, but the population has been on the decline for several decades now. InternationalBeaver Day aims to celebrate and raise awareness of the plight of the rodent. Beavers are known for their tree-munching activities, but did you know that they use every bit of the tree that they fell? They eat the buds, bark and leaves, before gnawing the branches and trunk into smaller pieces to build with. The dams are useful in preventing floods and droughts, restoring the northern wetlands and helping to cleanse the water. The largest beaver-built dam is in Wood Buffalo National Park, Alberta, Canada and is 850m long!

International Beaver Day is a great time to hike into the woods to spot some of these noble gnawers. https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/beaver-day/

National Beer Day Today is National Beer Day! Send a free Beer Day eCard to spread the word! People have been brewing beer ever since they began cultivating domesticated grains 8,000 years ago. Beer has been an important part of human culture ever since. For example, over 4,000 years ago an anonymous poet wrote an ode to Ninkasi—the Sumerian goddess of beer and brewing! Today, beer is the third most popular beverage in the world behind water and tea.

So why is National Beer Day celebrated on April 7th? On this day in 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt took the first step toward ending Prohibition and signed a law that allowed people to brew and sell beer as long as it remained below 4.0% alcohol by volume (ABV). Despite the low ABV, Americans were thrilled to be able to purchase beer for the first time in thirteen years!

Whether you prefer pale ale, stout, or lager, enjoy a pint of your favorite beer today to celebrate National Beer Day! http://www.punchbowl.com/holidays/national-beer-day

No Housework Day The laundry will be just fine in the basket until tomorrow.

You’ve got enough plates to leave the washing up until the morning, just this once.

No Housework Day is the one day a year you can just relax, forget those daily chores and do absolutely anything else instead. It’s a chance to indulge yourself with no guilt, no stress and no dusting.

You could celebrate it a little differently; i f you’re not the person who normally does the housework, why not take over just for today to give them a break? Or if you have a neighbour who’s not as young as they were, how about offering to help out with chores this No Housework Day?

However you choose to celebrate, don’t forget to sit back and raise a (presumably dirty) glass to the kind soul who invented it! https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/no-housework-day/


Daily Holidays -April 6

National Caramel Popcorn Day April 6 is National Caramel Popcorn Day. Today is a perfect day to add delicious caramel to popcorn to make all time favorite American snack.
Combining popcorn and caramel began in 1890s. The very first version of caramel popcorn was introduced at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893 and it went with the strong molasses flavor of Cracker Jack. Today caramel popcorn is produced by many brands and it is available in grocery stores and cinemas.

You can make caramel popcorn at home. You need to place popcorn in a large bowl and preheat oven to 250°F. Melt 1 stick of butter over medium heat, stir in 1/4 cup honey, 1 cup light brown sugar and 1/2 tsp salt. Bring this mixture to boil and continue cooking it on a reduced heat for 5 more minutes without stirring. Remove caramel from heat, stir in 1/4 tsp baking soda and about 1-1 1/2 tsp of powdered cinnamon, ground cloves, ginger, allspice and nutmeg each. Pour caramel over popcorn and quickly mix to coat it.

Bake coated popcorn on a cookie sheet for 40 minutes stirring every 10-15 minutes with spatula. You can store caramel popcorn for 5 days in airtight container at room temperature. But we don't think that caramel popcorn you've made will last long! https://anydayguide.com/calendar/951

New Beers Eve For lovers of all brews everywhere, the years of 1920 to 1933 were incredibly sad times. This was the period of the Prohibition in the United States, where any and all forms of alcohol were verboten. Thankfully in 1933, the United States government came to their senses, and President Roosevelt decided that this frothy brew should once again flow freely in the taverns and bars of the country.

On this date in 1933, people lined up around the block at the doors of their favorite public house to prepare to imbibe the first legal brews in 13 years. Ever since that night, this day has been referred to as ‘New Beer’s Eve’, a precursor of ‘New Beers Day’. It was said that at 12:01 on 1933, Roosevelt stated “I think this would be a good time for a beer.” For such an auspicious patron, Anheuser-Busch pulled out all the stops, delivering the beer with their Clydesdale draw carriage directly to the Commander in Chief. The first 24 hours of the end of the prohibition saw an estimated 1.5 million gallons of beer consumed.

This is a great time to set up a party, bringing in an abundance of different types of brews and calling in New Beer Day with an abundance of craft beers and the like. Seeing how it’s only this year’s New Beer’s Eve once, it just makes sense to go a little out of well-travelled waters for it. There are micro-breweries popping up all over America, so the opportunity to try a local brew for the first time is popping up every day. Nothing better than celebrating the end of the prohibition by trying out a beer that may never have existed if it had not!

But that doesn’t mean you should spend a small fortune on it, most microbreweries produce beers at a very reasonable rate. While there are higher priced beers on the market, there is nothing saying that they are in fact of superior quality. Some of the most delicious beers on the market are bottom shelf mostly unknown micro-brews. So go for a rarely experienced beer, but don’t get a new mortgage on your house to make it happen. https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/new-beers-eve/

Sorry Charlie Day Sorry Charlie Day is celebrated on April 06, 2015. Sorry Charlie Day is for all of those who have been rejected, and yet somehow survived it. Celebrate this day by taking a minute to remember a past rejection. After doing this, be happy und realize the fact, that this happens to all of us.

Social rejection occurs when an individual is deliberately excluded from a social relationship or social interaction for social rather than practical reasons. The topic includes both interpersonal rejection and romantic rejection. A person can be rejected on an individual basis or by an entire group of people. Although humans are social beings, some level of rejection is an inevitable part of life.

Nevertheless, rejection can become a problem when it is prolonged or consistent, when the relationship is important, or when the individual is highly sensitive to rejection. The experience of rejection can lead to a number of adverse psychological consequences such as loneliness, low self-esteem, aggression, and depression. It can also lead to feelings of insecurity and a heightened sensitivity to future rejection. (With material from: Wikipedia) http://www.cute-calendar.com/event/sorry-charlie-day/13051-world.html

Tartan Day Americans of Scottish descent have played a vibrant and influential role in the development of the United States. From the framers of the Declaration of Independence to the first man on the moon, Scottish-Americans have contributed mightily to the fields of the arts, science, politics, law, and more. Today, over eleven million Americans claim Scottish and Scotch-Irish roots -- making them the eighth largest ethnic group in the United States. These are the people and accomplishments that are honored on National Tartan Day, April 6th. http://www.tartanday.org

Teflon Day National Teflon Day is observed each year on April 6. It honors the accidental invention of Teflon on April 6, 1938 by Dr. Roy Plunkett.

While working in his New Jersey lab that April day, Plunkett, along with his assistant, accidentally discovered polytetrafluoroethylene. It is a slippery substance often used in non-stick skillets.

The Teflon trademark was registered in 1945.

In the United States, Kansas City, Missouri resident Marion A. Trozzolo, who had been using the substance on scientific utensils, marketed the first US-made Teflon coated frying pan, “The Happy Pan”, in 1961. http://nationaldaycalendar.com/days-2/national-teflon-day-april-6/


Daily Holidays -April 5

A HoPpY EaStEr to All......

National Carmel Day It’s National Caramel Day! Americans began making sugary syrups in the 1600s, but the delicious chewy caramel we know and love today was a more recent innovation. Caramel candy emerged during the 18th century and quickly became one of the most popular sweets on the market. In fact, Milton Hershey’s first business was the Lancaster Caramel Company!

Caramel is made with butter, brown and white sugar, milk or cream, and vanilla. It is usually enjoyed as an ice cream topping, a candy filling, or on its own. You can also find caramel flavored puddings, popcorn, desserts, and coffee.

To celebrate National Caramel Day, enjoy some of your favorite caramel candies or make a batch of homemade caramel! http://www.punchbowl.com/holidays/national-caramel-day

National Raisin and Spice Bar
 Day We're sure you remember that wonderful and comforting smell of raisin and spice bar from the kitchen. Well, today, on April 5, it is National Raising and Spice Bar Day. This is a great day to make your own bars.
There are many variations of recipes you can use for making raisin and spice bars. Some of them date back many years. But the most common is a bar made with cinnamon, allspice, raisins and chopped pecans or walnuts.

If you're eager to make your own bars, combine 1 cup of raising with 2 cups of water. Bring them to boil and cook for 10 minutes. Remove raisins from heat and add 1 tsp of baking soda.

Cream 1 cup of sugar and 1/2 cup of butter in mixing bowl, add an egg and 1/2 tsp of salt. Combine 1 3/4 cups of flour and spices (cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, ground cloves), stir with raisins and egg mixture. Bake batter in a greased pan for 35 minutes in the oven preheated to 350 degrees.

Cool down the cake and cut it into bars. You will have 32 tasty raisin and spice bars perfect to celebrate today's holiday. https://anydayguide.com/calendar/2901

National Deep Dish Pizza Day Pizza lovers far and wide will be making the most of Deep Dish Pizza Day. This is your holiday! But first, let us thank Pizzeria Uno’s founder Ike Sewell, without whom this day wouldn’t exist. He is credited with creating the spectacular deep dish pizza in 1943 in Chicago. This wonderfully tasty pizza, also known as Chicago-style pizza, is characterised by a superb buttery crust that can be as high as 3 inches tall, along with generous amounts of flavoursome sauce, toppings and cheese. On this day, get together with friends or family to visit your favourite pizza restaurant and enjoy a wonderful slice (or more) of cheesy goodness.

Don’t fret if you can’t get the exact deep dish pizza – a pan style pizza, thick crusted pizza or pretty much any delicious pizza will do. Better yet, use this day to finally create that perfect pizza you’ve always dreamed of making, and invite others over to share it with you! https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/deep-dish-pizza-day/


As part of National Child Abuse Prevention Month, which each April is a time dedicated to child abuse education, awareness and prevention activities, Love our Children USA created National Love Our Children Day.

Love our Children USA is a national organization that is headquartered in New York. Their mission is to break the cycle of violence against children.

National Love Our Children Day is a day to acknowledge the value of all children and to educate the parents, guardians, foster parents, caregivers, teachers and etc. on the importance of giving their children love, protection and respect. http://nationaldaycalendar.com/national-love-our-children-day-april-5/


Daily Holidays -April 4

National Cordon Bleu Day Annually celebrated on April 4 is National Chicken Cordon Bleu Day. It is all about a special dish combining chicken, ham and cheese.

The French term Cordon Bleu is translated as “Blue Ribbon”.

“Cordon bleu is a breaded cutlet dish of meat (traditionally veal, but pork or chicken are common) pounded thin and wrapped around a slice of ham (or prosciutto) and a slice of cheese (such as Swiss), breaded, and then pan fried or baked.” (Wikipedia) http://nationaldaycalendar.com/2015/04/03/april-4-2015-national-chicken-cordon-bleu-day-national-hug-a-newsperson-day-national-school-librarian-day-national-walk-around-things-day/


The Merriam-Webster dictionary tells us that the word “newsman” dates back to 1596. They have been working hard for many years to bring us the news from around the world. http://nationaldaycalendar.com/2015/04/03/april-4-2015-national-chicken-cordon-bleu-day-national-hug-a-newsperson-day-national-school-librarian-day-national-walk-around-things-day/

National School Librarian Day. It is set aside to honor all school librarians. All of the daily hard work and dedication given from these librarians often go without our appreciation.

The school librarians aid our youth in many ways and their patience is an example to them on a daily basis. http://nationaldaycalendar.com/2015/04/03/april-4-2015-national-chicken-cordon-bleu-day-national-hug-a-newsperson-day-national-school-librarian-day-national-walk-around-things-day/


Audit of MoDOT finds $7 million in state road funds used for other expenses

An audit released Thursday takes issue with some spending decisions made by the Missouri Department of Transportation.

The audit finds that MoDOT used $7,148,195 from the State Road Fund for expenses unrelated to road maintenance. They included:

$3,757,610 went to programs promoting child safety seats, bicycle helmets, training, public information and outreach, and emergency response initiatives related to highway safety. Some of the $3.7 million also went to local municipalities to cover some law enforcement expenses tied to highway safety, including equipment and overtime pay.

$1,899,000 was used to pay for settlements in discrimination lawsuits filed by former employees.


Daily Holidays -April 3

National Chocolate Mousse Day Savory mousse dishes were an 18th century French achievement. Dessert mousses (generally fruit mousses) began to appear much later, in the second half of the 19th century.
The first written record of chocolate mousse in the United States comes from a Food Exposition held at Madison Square Garden in New York City in 1892.
Chocolate mousse came into the public eye in the U.S. in the 1930s, about the time as chocolate pudding mixes were introduced. http://foodimentary.com/2014/04/03/april-3-is-national-chocolate-mousse-day/

Don’t Go To Work Unless it’s Fun Day Don't Go to Work Unless it's Fun Day is observed on April 03, 2015. If it's going to be fun at work on this day, get up and go. Otherwise, stay at home or do whatever you like. But be aware: the idea of not going to work unless the day is going to be fun is risky without asking your boss... http://www.cute-calendar.com/event/dont-go-to-work-unless-its-fun-day/12938-world.html

Find A Rainbow Day Perhaps one of the more interesting and yet lesser-known holidays is an event that is known as Find a Rainbow Day. As you may have already guessed, this celebration occurs during the month of April each year (after all, the early spring is known for its fair share of these beautifully stunning phenomena).

Of course, finding a rainbow is not as easy as it sounds and if you are lucky enough to find yourself outside just after a rainstorm in early April, you may just be able to catch a quick glimpse and even take a snapshot of one of these wonderful natural events.

While the exact origins of this day remain rather obscure, there are many who enjoy cooking colourful foods on this day; treats such as jello and cookies being some of the most common items. So, it appears that there are indeed times when a bit of rain is not necessarily a bad thing! https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/find-a-rainbow-day/

Tweed Day There is some confusion as to what exactly Tweed Day is commemorating – is it the corrupt American Democratic boss famous for running the Tammany Hall political machine, William M “Boss” Tweed, who also ran the “Tweed Ring” which stole between $30 to $200 million through political corruption in New York, or is it the unique Scottish fabric, usually fashioned into suits, jackets and trousers in patterns such as hounds tooth and herringbone?

The obvious answer would be the Scottish material, although there is no record of April 3rd having any relevance to the origins of Tweed, the mistake that had it named Tweed, or any founders’ birth or death dates as is the usual case with days such as this.

April 3rd does have a special relevance to Boss Tweed though – he was born April 3rd, 1823. https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/tweed-day/

World Party Day! World Party Day is based on the idea that peace is not the opposite of war, merely its absence. The real opposite of war is party, and World Party Day aims to synchronise a massive, world-wide party to celebrate everything that’s good and optimistic.

Vanna Bonta almost certainly had no idea when she wrote Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel that the idea in the book of a global human celebration would really take off. It has though, and people celebrate in all sorts of ways.

“Pass the food and turn up the music” is a common slogan on World Party Day, but it doesn’t really matter how you celebrate, or even whether you celebrate alone or in company. The premise is that everyone in the world is joined in party, so you can really do anything you like as long as it involves celebrating the joy of existence. https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/world-party-day/


Daily Holidays -April 2

National Peanut Butter And 
Jelly Day National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day is celebrated annually on April 2nd.. This food holiday is a classic favorite of many. The average American will have eaten over 2000 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches by the time they graduate from high school.

Peanut butter was considered a delicacy in the early 1900′s and was only served in New York City’s finest tea rooms. In a May 1896 article published in the Good Housekeeping magazine, a recipe “urged homemakers to use a meat grinder to make peanut butter and spread the result on bread”. That same year, in June, the culinary magazine Table Talk, published a “peanut butter sandwich recipe”.

It is thought to be that the first reference of peanut butter paired with jelly on bread, to be published in the United States, was by Julia Davis Chandler in 1901. In the late 1920′s the price of peanut butter declined and the sandwich became very popular with children.

According to the Peanut Board, during World War II, both peanut butter and jelly were part of the United States soldiers military ration list. http://nationaldaycalendar.com/days-2/national-peanut-butter-and-jelly-day-april-2/

International Childrens Book Day Falling on Hans Christian Anderson’s birthday, Children’s Book Day celebrates children’s books and encourages children to read. https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/childrens-book-day/

National Love Your Produce Manager Day Produce managers play an important part in changing the way America shops—and eats—and, according to a recent survey by Packaged Facts, three out of four shoppers choose where they shop based on the produce department.

As featured in Chase’s Calendar of Events since 2012, Love Your Produce Manager Day aims to honor exemplary customer service in U.S. supermarket produce departments. This year, the event will be recognized on Thursday, April 2.

Reconciliation Day Reconciliation Day is an annual holiday that celebrates the bond between black and white South Africans. The day originally commemorated two different events. For members of South Africa’s Afrikaner community, it celebrated the Boer victory over the Zulus at the Battle of Blood River in 1838. By contrast, for black South Africans, the day was significant as the anniversary of the founding of Umkhonto we Sizwe, the armed wing of the anti-Apartheid African National Congress.

Both of the dates commemorate part of a history of violence between the black and white communities. After the end of Apartheid, however, the government made the day into a celebration of the end of that conflict. Reconciliation Day acknowledges that violence but forges the two separate holidays into a single holiday that unites the whole of the South African people.

Reconciliation Day was first celebrated by the South African people in 1995. https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/reconciliation-day/


Daily Holidays -March 32

National Sourdough Bread Day Records of the consumption and eating of sourdough bread date back as far as the Sumerians in 2800bce. Sourdough is similar to bread dough, except that the natural yeasts are left to ferment in the bread mix. Why not celebrate Sourdough Bread Day by mixing up your own batch of sourdough and baking a loaf? https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/sourdough-bread-day/

April Fools Day http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/picturegalleries/howaboutthat/11506686/April-Fools-Day-2015-The-best-spoofs-and-pranks-in-pictures.html

National Fun Day

Poetry & The Creative Mind Day Creative minds have led the way throughout all of histories innovations and growth. Through poetry and art, they challenge the idea of what’s possible, and shine a spotlight on the society that birthed them. Poetry And The Creative Mind Day is set aside to honor the bright and glittering jewels that are the minds of these creative pioneers. Most of us are introduced to poetry and art at an early age, whether it’s the nursery rhymes sung by our parents, or the combination of poetry and art in books like Dr. Suess and Shel Silverstein, the artist of Where the sidewalk ends.

Poetry and Creative Mind Day is a great time to dig up some of your favorite old poems and read them, or sing a favorite old nursery rhyme. If your talents lean more towards the physical mediums, you can take out your paints or pencils, or any other form of art you enjoy. If you’ve never been the creative sort, Poetry and Creative Mind Day is a great day to pick up that opportunities. https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/poetry-and-the-creative-mind-day/

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