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Sherman A1

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Gender: Male
Current location: U.S.
Member since: Sat May 13, 2006, 07:37 AM
Number of posts: 33,863

Journal Archives

How Drones Are Taking Nadia Shakoor's Farm Tech Invention To the Next Level

As a plant scientist, Nadia Shakoor has spent hours in crop fields manually gathering data for the Danforth Plant Science Center. Collecting field data often requires many pieces of equipment and sensors.

But Shakoor is seeking to change that. She developed the PheNode device in 2017, which she describes as an “all-in-one, plug-and-play system.”

The idea is to have a platform that sends research data gathered in the fields on one device, Shakoor explained on Friday’s St. Louis on the Air. The PheNode system is also solar powered and can send data to a phone or computer.

“The PheNode is actually transmitting its data live. So we’re able to, in real time, monitor what’s happening outdoors and outside in our fields,” she said. The sensors and cameras on the tool take real-time measurements of everything from humidity to soil pH.


St. Louis Children's Hospital Is Now Seeing Adult Patients With COVID-19

St. Louis Children’s Hospital is now treating adult patients with the coronavirus.

The hospital began admitting adult patients over a week ago in an attempt to relieve doctors at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, a hospital spokesperson confirmed Friday afternoon. Intensive care units at Barnes-Jewish and other area hospitals are nearing capacity. Children’s Hospital is treating adults in both its emergency room and ICU.

This is the second time since the start of the pandemic that Children’s Hospital has treated adult COVID-19 patients. Doctors admitted adult patients “on an extremely limited basis during the spring surge,” Kendra Whittle, spokesperson for BJC HealthCare said in an email. She declined to specify how many ICU beds remain available at Children’s Hospital.

Admitting adult patients for short stays at the hospital is part of BJC HealthCare’s plan to manage it’s bed capacity, a statement from the hospital system said.


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UMSL Plans $7 Million College Of Nursing Expansion To Meet Growing Demand

The University of Missouri-St. Louis College of Nursing will expand and renovate its Nursing Learning Resource and Simulation Center to help meet the growing demand for nurses.

The $7 million renovation project will add updated nursing equipment and new technology to the center. It will include a 5,000-square-foot expansion of simulation rooms and renovated skills labs.

The expansion will help UMSL train more nurses at a time when the nation is dealing with a nursing shortage because of the coronavirus crisis, UMSL Chancellor Kristin Sobolik said.

“The more nurses that we can train and provide to the region, then hopefully that decreases the nursing shortage and allows us to serve our community better in all things, including during COVID times, but also post COVID times as well,” Sobolik said.


Key Madigan Ally, ComEd Lobbyists And Official Indicted In Federal Bribery Scheme

A longtime confidante of House Speaker Mike Madigan (D-Chicago) was charged along with two other former Commonwealth Edison lobbyists and the CEO of ComEd’s parent company in a nine-count indictment Wednesday, alleging the four conspired on a wide-ranging bribery scheme all designed to influence the powerful House Speaker.

Mike McClain, who spent decades lobbying for electric utility ComEd after serving in the legislature alongside Madigan in the 1970s, was named in all nine counts, as was former Exelon CEO Anne Pramaggiore, who stepped down from the company last fall amid a series of federal raids and subpoenas naming her and other ComEd officials as subjects of interests to the feds.

Former ComEd lobbyists John Hooker and Jay Doherty were charged with six of the nine counts. Ex-ComEd CEO Vice President Fidel Marquez is also listed in the indictment as helping to coordinate the bribery efforts. Marquez pleaded guilty to a corruption charge connected to the scheme in September.

The fifty-page indictment spans nine years of alleged wrongdoing by ComEd’s four representatives, shedding new light on actions first alleged in a deferred prosecution agreement against ComEd itself filed in July. Under the agreement, ComEd’s prosecution will be delayed for three years as the company cooperates in the investigation, and must pay a $200 million fine.


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Missouri Health Director Says Chance Of Catching Coronavirus Reaches All-Time High

Missouri’s public health director said Thursday that an individual’s chance of catching COVID-19 is the highest it’s been since the start of the pandemic.

“Even though, here on November 19, we have more resources and more things in the pipeline that give us great hope, at this very moment in time your risk of getting COVID-19 is at the highest it’s been because of community transmission and cold weather, and to some extent, COVID-19 fatigue,” Dr. Randall Williams said at Gov. Mike Parson’s weekly press briefing.

In an urgent and somber tone, Parson said the virus is spreading at a record pace.

“If you look back 30 days ago with statistics of COVID-19 in the state of Missouri, the first eight months of COVID-19, all the cases combined, there was more cases in October than there was in those first eight months,” Parson said. “The first 15 days of November is more than the numbers of the full month of October.”


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