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Sherman A1

Sherman A1's Journal
Sherman A1's Journal
July 31, 2013

Chesterfield man allegedly steals $4,000 worth of wine in self-checkout switch

(KMOV) -- A Chesterfield man is accused of stealing more than $500 from local grocery stores by switching items in the self-checkout lanes.

Douglas Timke, 41, allegedly picked up a more expensive bottle of wine but scanned a cheaper version twice in the self-checkout lanes and walked out with the expensive bottle on several occasions.

Timke allegedly stole wine from the Dierbergs Grocery on Clarkson Road between May and June 2013. He is also accused of stealing from the Schnucks Grocery on Kehrs Mill Road and in the Hilltown Village Center between April and June of 2013.

He was charged with three counts of felony stealing over $500. He is accused of stealing about $4,000 worth of wine from these grocery stores.


July 31, 2013

Lawsuit Claims Bag Searches at Apple Stores Cost Workers $1,500 a Year In Unpaid Overtime

Apple employees are suing the company in a class action lawsuit that alleges they were subjected to so many frequent bag searches for security reasons that they lost up to $1,500 in unpaid overtime every year.

Amanda Freklin and Dean Pelle claim that the policy — which requires Apple store workers to be searched when they leave the premises on lunch breaks or at the end of the day — cost them 5 to 10 minutes of waiting every day. Over a year, that adds up to as much as $1,500 in unpaid Apple time, given that the employees earned $18.75 an hour.

The bag searches are conducted to prevent employees from walking out the door with Apples expensive merchandise. They are conducted "off-the-clock," the pair claim, and thus represent unpaid forced overtime work.

Freklin worked at the Century City store near Los Angeles; Pelle worked at the Lennox Mall store in Atlanta and in the West 14th St. store in New York, among others.


July 30, 2013

Congress Lacy Clay join fast food workers protest

FERGUSON, MO. (KPLR) – Protesters hoped it was the beginning of a fast food revolution, Monday: workers in seven cities, including, New York, Chicago, and St. Louis, planned to walk off the job this week, to demand higher pay; much higher.

One of the two so-called “strikes” in the St. Louis area was at the McDonald’s in the 9100 block of West Florissant in Ferguson, with more than 100 workers and activists.

Organizers said there would 60 or more walkouts Tuesday, just in St. Louis.

Worker Serena Williams decided to skip her shift at the McDonald’s and join the wave, whenshe saw the crowd on her way into work.
“I didn’t go in. I wanted to stand up for something right for a change,” she said.


July 26, 2013

July 26, 1948 U.S. President Harry S. Truman signs Executive Order 9981

Executive Order 9981 is an executive order issued on July 26, 1948 by President Harry S. Truman. It abolished racial discrimination in the armed forces and eventually led to the end of segregation in the services.[1]

In 1947, A. Philip Randolph, along with colleague Grant Reynolds, renewed efforts to end discrimination in the armed services, forming the Committee Against Jim Crow in Military Service and Training, later renamed the League for Non-Violent Civil Disobedience Against Military Segregation.[2]

Truman's Order expanded on Executive Order 8802 by establishing equality of treatment and opportunity in the Armed Services for people of all races, religions, or national origins.


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