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Sherman A1

Sherman A1's Journal
Sherman A1's Journal
May 1, 2016

Daily Holidays - May 1

May Day is an ancient northern hemisphere spring festival and usually a public holiday;[1] it is also a traditional spring holiday in many cultures. Dances, singing, and cake are usually part of the celebrations that the day includes.

In the late 19th century, May Day was chosen as the date for International Workers' Day by the Socialists and Communists of the Second International to commemorate the Haymarket affair in Chicago. International Workers' Day may also be referred to as "May Day", but it is a different celebration from the traditional May Day. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/May_Day

Lei Day The most common festivities on Lei Day are hula, lei making demonstrations and contests, and the crowning of the Lei Queen and her court. What better way to celebrate Lei Day than by booking a trip to one of Hawaii’s many resorts! https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/lei-day/

New Homeowner's Day New Home Owners Day is also a great time to reflect on how far you’ve come on your home-buying journey, and how far you can still go. You could look back on completed household projects or draw up some plans for new improvements. You might find that just re-arranging your current furniture can completely alter the look of your home! https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/new-home-owners-day/

School Principals' Day Though the job title varies between countries (‘School Principal’ is used in North America, while ‘Head Teacher’ is preferred in the UK, for example) every school has to have a boss. Schools are like small businesses, with hundreds of customers (students) and dozens of staff (teachers, receptionists, cleaners and so on) and making it all run smoothly is the job of the Principal. It’s especially difficult if the kids are trouble-makers or the parents aren’t happy. Principals have varying responsibilities, from teacher evaluations to dealing with serious discipline issues, but at its heart their job is about providing the best environment for kids to learn. https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/school-principals-day/

April 30, 2016

Daily Holidays - April 30

International Jazz Day encourages jazz fans all over the world to attend or start jazz festivals, events and parties. Why not take up the trumpet, saxophone, piano or Clarinet? Presumably not all at once, but you get the idea. https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/jazz-day/

National Honesty Day If you’re like most people, you’re utterly sick of the complete lack of honesty that exists in the world today. Whether it’s companies using misleading language on their products (Blueberry Muffins, contain no blueberries) or politicians being incapable of telling the whole truth of a situation, our lives are utterly inundated with a world of people and companies trying to sell us a line. Honesty Day exists to encourage people from every walk of life, and especially those in charge, to try being honest with their constituents and customers. https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/honesty-day/

World Veterinarian Day was created in 2000 by the World Veterinary Association to highlight and promote the lifesaving work performed by veterinarians around the globe. Each year, a different theme is chosen which helps pet owners to remember the importance of various aspects of animal care, and how vets can help, for example ensuring your pet’s vaccinations are up to date. https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/world-veterinarian-day/

Oatmeal Cookie Day Although no record seems to exist regarding the origins of Oatmeal Cookie Day, the Internet is filled with evidence that it is a genuine celebration of what is considered to be the healthiest cookie of all. https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/oatmeal-cookie-day/

April 29, 2016

Daily Holidays - April 29

International Dance Day seeks to promote the art of dance around the world. The founding body, the International Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute selects a special personality each year to create an International Dance Day Message to be shared around the world. Dance is practised by both amateurs and professionals and is enjoyed in theatres everywhere. This special day is all about the history of dance and the recognition of its place in society. https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/international-dance-day/

World Wish Day It was the wish of seven-year-old Leukaemia sufferer Chris Greicius to become a police officer. When police heard about this they wanted to help and granted his wish. Young Chris was a police officer for one day on the 29th April 1980. Others heard about this and thought that granting wishes for sick children was a good idea. So, the Make-A-Wish Foundation was founded and became one of the best-known children’s charities in the world. https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/world-wish-day/

Zipper Day From handbags and jackets to trousers and boots, it really is impossible to imagine life without zippers. They are so widespread it is easy to take them for granted. This is where Zipper Day comes along to remind us of the origin and history of this truly omnipresent invention. https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/zipper-day/

April 28, 2016

Daily Holidays - April 28

National Blueberry Pie Day What could be more enjoyable than a slice of, delicious, Blueberry pie? Blueberries, or star berries as the Native Americans called them, are one of nature’s super foods. The humble blueberry is one of few blue foods, found in nature, and it is native to the Americas. The chemicals found in blueberries may contribute to fighting diseases and preventing against certain cancers. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, it’s only fitting that we should have a special day, in the form of Blueberry Pie Day, to celebrate them. https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/blueberry-pie-day/

Thank You Thursday All too often in our lives we find ourselves in utterly thankless situations. We have dedicated our heart and soul to various projects and goals, only to find that, in the long run, these efforts are utterly pointless. Or so that’s what we’re led to believe by the level of gratitude we receive from others. Thank You Thursday is a great opportunity to start making positive change in this situation by recognizing those in your life who make things easier, those who love you, and those who just make your day better by tossing you a smile and a friendly hello. https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/thank-you-thursday/

Workers Memorial Day As we go through our day taking in the wonders around us with a disinterested eye, we often forget to take the time to remember that there were amazing people and lives that went into building the structure of the society we live in. It wasn’t that long ago that everything from the clothes we wear to the buildings we inhabit were built in highly dangerous conditions lacking the rules and regulations that serve to keep workers safe in modern industry. Workers’ Memorial Day commemorates the lives that have been given in the pursuit of modern comfort and convenience, and stands for the worldwide efforts to create safety in the workplace. https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/workers-memorial-day/

April 27, 2016

Daily Holidays - April 27

National Prime Rib Day is a feast day in honour of this classic cut of the finest beef. Although little appears to be known about the origins of Prime Rib Day, it is best celebrated with great enthusiasm, with family and friends gathering to enjoy the occasion. Many restaurants also provide special menus in celebration. Prime rib, also known as ‘standing rib roast’ is located between the eighth and twelfth rib, on the upper back of the cattle. https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/prime-rib-day/

Administrative Professionals Day Where would we be without the secretaries of the world? Spare a thought to all of the paperwork that would never be done, the phone calls that would never be taken and the secretary jokes that would never have been invented and raise a glass to Administrative Professionals Day, the day when administrative professionals the world over can be celebrated in just one day for all the hard work they do all year! https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/administrative-professionals-day/

Morse Code Day We’ve heard the sound in movies both old and new, it finds its way into horror movies as some lost mysterious code. Heroes in action flicks use it to help send out secret messages past the villains holding them captive, and secret lovers have passed messages using it in carefully constructed pieces of art or even brail. It served as the foundation for a new era of communication, and has served vital roles in wars old and new. What is it we’re talking about? Morse Code of course! Morse Code Day celebrates this amazingly concise, powerful, and influential way of transmitting information and the history of how it changed the world. https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/morse-code-day/

World Stationary Day What with all of the emails and text messages all around us these days, it may seem that the art of writing letters and cards is slowly fading into oblivion. After all, who wants to wait days if not weeks to get some hard-to-read words scribbled down on a piece of paper when it would be so much easier to just read an email? But sending and receiving letters is about so much more that that. It’s about someone taking the extra time and effort to actually write words down and then making that despised trip to the post office to wait in a long line to finally send it off. It’s about someone deciding to go into all that effort and spend a few cents on postage just to make their message personal. And that’s what World Stationery Day is about: preserving the art of writing letters and cards, as opposed to just sending those we care about pictures of letters that cannot truly be touched on a screen. If that’s not an honourable cause, what is? https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/world-stationery-day/

April 26, 2016

Daily Holidays - April 26

National Pretzel Day There’s something special about a pretzel, the rich warm bready smell, the burst of salt as you bite into it, and in the best of time, the delicious flavor of cheese that you dip it in. Or maybe you’re one of those who prefer the crunch of the kind you can buy in a bag at the store, that amazing addition to any snack mix, and the foundation of sports gatherings everywhere. Whatever your preference, Pretzel Day exemplifies this amazing treat in all its forms. So grab your favorite variety, sit back and munch down on the most auspicious of snack based days! https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/pretzel-day/

National Help A Horse Day No horsing around – today is an opportunity for you to be a good ‘neeeiiigh-bor’ on Help a Horse Day! https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/help-a-horse-day/

Richter Scale Day If there’s ever a day to hold onto hats, double-test foundations and keep an ear out for rumblings deep within the Earth, it’s Richter Scale Day. This occasion is an acknowledgement and celebration of the birthday of the man who taught the world how to measure earthquakes – Charles F. Richter. https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/richter-scale-day/

April 25, 2016

Daily Holidays - April 25


DNA Day the day commemorates the 50 year anniversary of James Watson and Francis Crick’s discovery (and published article) of the Double Helix, as well as the completion of the Genome Project which took 13 years to complete. https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/dna-day/

Hug A Plumber Day Most of us take plumbing for granted – running water, hot water on demand, and the complex systems of piping that keep things ticking over for us in the background are easy to forget about it. Hug A Plumber Day encourages us to recognize the ingenuity, hard work and skills of plumbers everywhere – because who knows when you’ll spring a leak. https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/hug-a-plumber-day/
April 24, 2016

Daily Holidays - April 24

National Pigs-In-A-Blanket Day Pig In A Blanket Day encourages the consumption of ‘pigs in blankets’ – small pork sausages (or chipolatas) wrapped in bacon or pastry, and cooked until crispy. Chinese and eastern varieties more closely resemble mini sausage rolls. https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/pig-in-a-blanket-day/

Pinhole Photography day was created to celebrate the art of pinhole photography. In an age of ever growing digital photography, Pinhole photography day celebrate the humble pinhole camera. Whether you own or make your very own make sure that share you photos. https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/pinhole-photography-day/

Teach Your Children to Save Day is an educational program that was established by the American Bankers Association (ABA), with the aim of encouraging kids to develop a good savings habit as early as possible in their financial life. This is done through banking volunteers giving presentations to school kids to teach them specifically about saving money, but also about other financial matters such as spending, donating and investing. Volunteers can find out how to get involved through the ABA, with the association having teaching materials available that can be used as a starting point for preparing a fun and interesting talk. https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/teach-your-children-to-save-day/


April 23, 2016

Daily Holidays - April 23

National Lost Dog Awareness Day aims to place the spotlight on the huge numbers of lost dogs around the world, and in particular the efforts undertaken by organisations like the Lost Dogs of America to help reunite pets with their owners. https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/lost-dog-awareness-day/

Talk Like Shakespeare Day celebrates the bard’s birthday and his works, from such classics as Romeo And Juliet to A Midsummer Night’s Dream. https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/talk-like-shakespeare-day/

World Book Night World Book Night is about celebrating the joy of reading. Nothing quite matches the enjoyment that comes from losing oneself in a good book. https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/world-book-night/

April 22, 2016

Daily Holidays - April 22

Earth Day Celebrate and protect our natural environment by taking part in Earth Day. Join with community groups to explore environmental and ecological issues on local and international scales, and work towards making a difference to our habitat. https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/earth-day/

National Jelly Bean Day No-one knows for sure how, when or why Jelly Bean Day began and the origins of the beans themselves are equally mysterious; they are thought to have been developed from Turkish Delight and have certainly been popular since the mid-19th century or earlier. https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/jelly-bean-day/


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