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Profile Information

Name: Nick Xylas
Gender: Male
Hometown: Bristol
Home country: England
Current location: Bristol
Member since: Sat May 13, 2006, 07:28 PM
Number of posts: 6,440

Journal Archives

Transport for London's contactless future

Londonís transport system has been at the cutting edge of technology for the past 150 years when 19th century engineers first decided to run trains deep underground beneath the capitalís busy streets.

Today, Transport for London, the body that runs the capital cityís network of tube, buses and roads, has maintained that tradition of innovation by revolutionising ticketing systems ó helping to speed up the movement of millions of people through London.

The group pioneered the use of smart ticketing in Europe when it launched its Oyster card in 2003, enabling commuters to quickly tap on a reader to go through an entry or exit barrier rather than having to queue up to buy a paper ticket. This shaved precious seconds from the time it takes to get through congested ticket barriers at London Underground stations or to pay.

But Shashi Verma, TfLís director of customer experience, says the operator is continuously looking at how to further advance its ticketing system. This has seen TfL become one of the first public transit systems in the world to enable contactless bank card and mobile payments.

More at:http://www.ft.com/cms/s/2/6189187e-8e09-11e5-8be4-3506bf20cc2b.html?utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=referral#axzz3sy5UYy4H

Eliza Dushku on Twitter

Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere, but actress Eliza Dushku (Buffy, Dollhouse) tweeted this yesterday:


The Onion: Hillary the candidate most people would like to share a glass of tap water with

I'll probably get alert-stalked for posting this, but....


Best newspaper correction ever

Found on Twitter:

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