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Member since: Sun May 28, 2006, 12:08 PM
Number of posts: 3,217

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Sedona's fav Christmas video

I'm shocked, I tell you, shocked it's U2!


I don't want to bore you with metaphysics, but how do you know this is an message board? Maybe it's a dream, or maybe it's an illusion, or maybe YOU don't really exist. One way to find out is to post a message, and if it's reality, I will reply.

Going viral on Facebook. Find this hat

Here it goes:
My name is Bridget Hughes and on Monday November 26 at around 12:30 a.m. I was at the B7 gate in Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport waiting to board U.S. Airlines flight 2918 to El Paso. My flight was cancelled. In all of the chaos that ensued me getting my new ticket and my hotel voucher I lost one of the most valuable things I own. It is a simple knit brown floppy hat from the Gap (pictured below). My mother passed away from Breast Cancer when I was 7. This is the hat she wore most often during her chemo treatments. My aunt gave it to me when I moved away after I graduated from college. It was one the only possession of hers I could constantly carry with me. I checked the gate the next morning, the hotel, and my shuttle van. It was nowhere to be found. I've contacted the Phoenix Airport Lost and Found, but I doubt I'll hear back from them. So, I've turned it over to the power of social media, all for a hat that represents the fierce goofy independent spirit of a woman that is my mother. If anyone is willing to just share this status, I'll be really grateful.



San Diego area baby needs a home quick! Times running out at the shelter!


San Diego area baby needs a home quick! Times running out at the shelter!

ATTENTION San Diego DU'ers

San Diego area baby needs a home quick! Times running out at the shelter!

Democrat gaining as Arizona Senate race vote count drags on

PHOENIX (Reuters) - With several hundred thousand ballots still to be counted in the race for an Arizona Senate seat, a Democrat who earlier conceded the race to his Republican rival was gaining and appeared to have a distant shot at the seat after all.

Former U.S. Surgeon General Richard Carmona conceded on election night last Tuesday to six-term U.S. Congressman Jeff Flake after about three quarters of precincts had reported, showing Flake with a lead of about six percentage points.

But nearly a week later, with more than 340,000 ballots yet to be counted, the tally has tightened to about four points, leaving the Carmona campaign watching closely to ensure that each and every ballot is counted.

The most recent results show Flake in the lead by 79,547 votes in a race in which 2 million ballots were cast.

"We're monitoring it closely, and we want every ballot to get counted, and we will take any necessary steps to make sure that happens," said Carmona campaign spokesman Andy Barr.



Hitler learns Obama won

No mention of Benghazi on Faux & Fiends this morning

I've been monitoring the happily for an hour or so.

The stupid is strong on Washington Journel

They are still going on about Benghazi
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