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Member since: Sun May 28, 2006, 12:08 PM
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How do I set my candidate preference in Primary Forum?

Tapping the candidate boxes isnt doing anything.

I'm on an android

HELP! I'm a 100% telecommuting W2 employee & lost my home office deduction!

Yes, home office is for my employer's comvenience.

I'm real estate ops manager coordinating six agents and all the contracts & marketing of team.

I'm also licensed in three states if that helps.

I googled and see something about being a statutory employee so I can take unreimbursed employee expenses on Form 2106. Do I have to have my employer file an amended W2 to take advantage of this?


It says...

If you are a telecommuting employee that is qualified to take the home office deduction, use Form 2106 to calculate the deduction and then enter it on line 21 of Schedule A (Form 1040). This means you must itemize and cannot take the standard deduction if you wish to take a home office deduction.

I think this might be beyond the H&R Block website I've been using to do my taxes for the last 10 plus years.

Should I switch and become a 1099 Independent contractor for the rest of 2019?

Do any CPAs or Realtors want a chime in and help me out here?

Thanks for the hearts!

It's so nice to have my DU friends.

I couldn't have made it thru the last 27 months without you.

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