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PJMcK's Journal
PJMcK's Journal
December 14, 2018

Hey, Rudy!

You said, "This was not a big crime."

1. Therefore you admit that there was a crime committed. In your mind, then, some crimes are worse than others. Fair enough but if a Democratic president had committed ONLY the two campaign violations of paying off Trump's two mistresses, you Republicans would spend four years of bullshit investigations. Meanwhile, nearly every day brings new revelations of sleazy activities by Trump & Co. Oh, one other thing: let's drop the nonsensical facade that the women merely have allegations. Trump had extra-marital sex with these women. You know that to be true.

2. Every single time you've made a statement of "fact," it shortly became clear that you were wrong. Your track record is not respectable.

3. The campaign finance crimes that Cohen admitted are but the tip of the iceberg AND YOU KNOW IT. Look around you: there are dozens of investigations swarming around this administration and Trump. I'm not fond of cliches but where there's smoke, there's fire.

4. You claim to be the most ethical person you know; is that why you announced your divorce from Donna Hanover on television before you had inform her? Your personal behavior in that one instance tells us all we need to know about your "ethics."

You've morphed from someone who was ugly and evil into something stupid and dumb. I say dumb because you're willing to work for Trump for free. What the hell? No salary from a "really, really rich" guy? What's in it for you, then? Your policies as a politician do not line up with Trump's. Why are you so willing to make a public ass of yourself for him.

Trump is going down. In what's left of your heart, you know this to be true. You know that Robert Mueller is probably one of the finest law enforcement professionals in the world. You've cast your lot with a loser, a criminal and a disaster. That's some way to end your career.


December 13, 2018

Too soon

Have patience, mysteryowl.

Step back from the day-to-day insanity of this presidency and some big broad strokes become visible.

Trump's lawyer was convicted of felonies and he did it at the direction of Individual-1.
Trump's campaign chairman was convicted of felonies and will spend the rest of his life in prison.
Trump's assistant campaign chairman pled guilty to felonies and is cooperating with various investigations.
Trump's campaign advisor went to jail.
One of Trump's campaign's lawyers went to jail and will be disbarred.
Trump's National Security Advisor has pleaded guilty and is cooperating.
A dozen Russian nationals are under indictment for undermining our 2016 elections.
The Russian "honey-pot" who apparently was a connection to the NRA has been in jail and has agreed to a plea.

Of course, there's more. And there will be much, much more.

Robert Mueller and the other prosecutors have been down these roads before. They have tons of information we can only guess at but I am sure that we haven't seen even a small fraction of it. They're building their cases by working from the outside in and bottom up. One by one, Trump's associates are being removed from the chess board.

Trump sees this. It's why he panics on Twitter. The walls are closing in and he can't do anything for two reasons: first, he's an idiot and confesses everything in public. Second, his adversaries are far smarter than Trump and his clowns.

Trump is going down. Have patience.

December 3, 2018

Scientific illiteracy baffles me

Republicans and other Luddites consistently deny issues that have a scientific basis. They've done this for decades even in the face of overwhelming evidence contrary to their beliefs.

For example, the medical community told people for years that smoking tobacco was bad for you. But Republicans and tobacco growers denied these facts because it impacted their business and "free will" as citizens to make their own choices. Never mind that smokers end up costing our society tremendous amounts of money in medical costs.

Republicans don't believe in human-caused climate change. Yet this issue will dramatically change our planet and could possibly spark an extinction event causing the deaths of hundreds of millions of people and animals.

There are numerous other similar examples of Republicans denying things that are scientifically proven. (I doubt one could find any Progressives who believe the Earth is flat!)

And yet, Republicans are more than willing to use science for themselves. They use cellphones and GPS devices which wouldn't be possible if Professor Einstein hadn't done some very specific and remarkable research and made incredible discoveries.

They are more than willing to use advanced medicine if they or their family get sick.

They are more than willing to fly in an airplane which wouldn't be possible if their anti-science attitudes had prevailed.

They even drive automobiles which are the result of more than one hundred years of engineering and research.

I think this logical disconnect is called hypocrisy.

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