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Member since: Sat Jul 1, 2006, 08:24 PM
Number of posts: 10,005

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Wonder if Chick-fil-A franchise owners will sue the CEO, and if

this is part of a game plan to recover the franchises?

It does not seem to be a bright business move.

As long as the working class thinks a lottery ticket is a financial investment plan,

Mitt the Twit has a better chance than a scratch off holder.

PSA announcement, if you can, it is time to restock your pantry.

This drought will push prices up at least by 10% to 20% not the estimated 4%. Cattle meat should drop due to the initial selling of herds that cannot be fed, then there will be a long period of meat shortage.

Also be carefull of relying too much on electric power. Nuke plants need large amount of water to keep running and are already taken off line in some areas.

A diesel generators would be useful and be sure you learn how and where fuel can be stored.

This is big outlay of funds, look into forming group support sharing or local Farm Bureau.

I still don't believe he was meant to be the candidate, just a straw man.

Gov Pataki/Cheney ticket are looking better.

The new POTUS will probably get to replace 5 Supremes.

Election matter!

It's time universities become part of the success of their product.

With an escro or an insurance annunity to pay graduates while looking for work.

Along with an acceptance letter, there should be a contract for x$ for say 36 months after 120 days from graduation until someone gets a job based on their degree received.

Also students need to be given current job market info on their major and potential salary expectations from entrance on, update annually.
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