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Hometown: New York State
Member since: Sat Jul 15, 2006, 10:38 AM
Number of posts: 8,422

Journal Archives

Try to remember trump plants people at his events that start this shit.

The division comes from many sources including paid disrupters .

What countries weapons have killed the most American soldiers,

Marines and Airman? Answer, Russian. The republicans good buddies. And trumps boyfriend.
AK-47 rifles, B-40 rockets, Hand grenades, machine guns, mortars, artillery, jet fighters and bombers, you name it Russia has provided it to kill American fighting men since Vietnam.
Killing our fighting men and helping republicans divide our country.
I know who my friends are and it's not either of them.

Give us equal time when trump goes around the country lying?

We deserve a chance to defend against his hate and lies.

And if trump calls you fake news why do you go cover his lectures?

Soon Canada will build a wall to keep us out! We're fucking nuts.

The world goes forward. Republicans take us backwards. Unreal, their hate and greed.

Trump promised his base hundreds of times, Mexico would pay for the wall.

it was a sure thing. No doubt about it. Only he can fix this. The high paid news talkers must have forgotten that, they never mention it. Mexico will pay my ass. Fake President, fake promises, GOP fake human beings. Fake everything.

Republicans made laws and encouraged corporations to move overseas creating the trade deficit.

All this fake outrage over the trade deficits is pure bullshit. Your policies made the trade deficits pukes. Now your tariffs are all part of Putins plan to divide our allies. All part of your long term planning, traitors.

Steven Millers grandmother fled Jewish persecution by the Russians in Belarus.

She immigrated to the United States for her safety. Sound familiar? And now her grandson is putting children in cages and detention camps? Bragged about it being his idea. This is one fucked up asshole.

Family research council, Focus on the family, exposed as fraud republican organizations.

Cleaver names that conceal the true intent of their hate. Fake organizations, Fake religions, Fake conservatives, Fake Fox News, Fake patriots, Fake president . All exposed as phonies from top to bottom.

Fake president blames democrats for shit he is doing to immigrant kids.

Thankfully, fewer and fewer people are still buying this disinformation, blaming us for what they do.

Democrats, please tell us you are a democrat in your T V election ads.?

You need to show strength and pride and not make people guess what party you belong to like the pukes do. Just say it? I'm a democrat....
The pukes are not going to vote for you so stop trying to get them. It confuses many democrats who would vote for you, if you say your running as a democrat?
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