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The Republicans were for Abortion before they were against it.

Roe vs Wade was a 7 to 2 decision.
How many of the 7 were appointed by the republicans?
Answer five. Five of the seven were appointed by republican Presidents.
Two were appointed by democratic Presidents.
The two who voted against it were appointed by one democrat and one republican president.
Read about it here,
I just thought this was interesting since Abortion is always thrown in our face come election time.

Off year and special elections the pukes usually win because many of us stay home.

Not to worry, in the presidential election we will all vote and win big. The pukes won congress in 2010 because we stayed home, but we will fix that come November..
This Walker win means very little, only that the pukes used a lot of money and it was still very close. Walker will probably end up resigning after this investigation he is involved in.
Hope is very much alive.

President Obama Gets blamed when Oil prices go up. But when they go down not so much.

Oil is at around 83 something a barrel right now and the price of gas is what it was when it was 110 dollars a barrel. Whats up with the price going up the next day when oil rises, but when it goes down like it is now it falls very slowly or not at all?. I would like to see someplace like the Soviet union start exporting refined gasoline to us, give the greedy oil companies some competition for a welcomed change. Come on world send us your refined gas, its a big market. And the Pukes would hate it. Lets make gas part of their so called world economy too.
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