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Hometown: New York State
Member since: Sat Jul 15, 2006, 10:38 AM
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Didn't trump suggest the "second amendment people might help with Hillary" ?

Sometimes things people say come back to haunt them. I would ask this contributor ! What was trumps intent saying that in a speech to the whole country? This was just an e mail to a few people. Same implication if you ask me but trumps was on a much larger scale.

Witholdings from pay checks will not change.

Unless you have a family of four your taxes are going up. Combining the standard deduction and personal exemption are a push, no real gain. Loss or lowering of deductions means more tax you owe. The tax tables have not been changed at all. Average Americans will owe more or gain only a few dollars if any. The republicans are pushing the family of four trick. They may pay a little less, the rest of us are fucked. The wealthy and corporations make out like bandits. Corporations like G E paid no federal taxes for years and now probably qualify for money while paying nothing. So I have to respectfully disagree with your thought that nobody will notice. We will and the pukes will pay in 2018 big time. We are on to their lies and trickery, it works less for them more and more as time goes by, even for their base.

Our steel and gun powder military is obsolete. Russia and North Korea cyber wars have defeated us.

They have divided us beyond repair. Infiltrated our media and government. Making us spend enormous amounts of our money on defense, hurting our citizens and preventing a better way of life for us all. Osama bin laden too, saw our massive military spending as our downfall and it has come to pass. What fools we have become lately. Even now we are in a endless war against a word. Terror. A war that has no end, ever. It took a General becoming a traitor to put me over the edge. I did not fight for my country so it could turn into what it is now. It hurts to feel so helpless and hopeless after feeling so proud most of my life. If you pray, our country and myself could use one right now. Thanks.

Traitor General Flynn should lose all his pension and benefits we provide him.

New Yorkers just voted to do that to crooked politicians. Our country should do the same. Not that it will mean much with all he has taken from our enemies. He disgraced any person that served under him. Almost every person killed in our wars have been killed by Russian weapons. Ak-47s, rockets, artillery, grenades, you name it Russia provided it to kill our service members. Trumps good buddies.......
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