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Member since: Wed Aug 2, 2006, 03:27 AM
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Ya know who supports gun control???

Police don't like going up against killers with AR-15s. Police groups have outlined what they see as sane policy regarding guns, but those opinions don't surface when it matters in times like these and why not? Here's one suspicion - cops don't want to fall out from the right-wing nutjobs. When cops are under the microscope for killing unarmed black people, they are comforted by the Tea Party, MAGA, Blue Lives Matter crowd. Sadly, cops think that alliance is worth more than the laws they support to keep them safe. Not like this is anything new. It's just another demographic so terrified of GQP hostility that they'd rather cave than look out for the best interest of themselves, not to mention the whole country.

Of course, this is not true of every single cop.

Et tu MSNBC?

Why do I even tune in early in the day to listen to hacks wax non-objectively about Democrats not having a unifying message without EVER asking the same about the QOP. Their bent seems to be that Democrats need a unifying message, but Republicans don't. If you're wondering why that is, it's because defenders of the Old Order always receive less scrutiny. The Republican party was a bastion of white nationalism long before Nicole Wallace (whom I do like) and Steve Schmidt left it, but even in progressive circles you could expect to hear "well, that's a broad generalization." Not until after yet another white nationalist terror attack in Buffalo do we finally admit how the Republican rhetoric leads to domestic terror. It's actually been the case for years. My advice to the early crew on MSNBC - pretend Republicans aren't white if that's what it takes for you to apply any scrutiny.

What I saw the other day

I confess, I turned on MTP expecting to shake my head and it didn't disappoint. Chuckles was talking to a small panel of moderate-seeming perhaps dems who were complaining how the Democrats needed to work on their messaging. It totally reminded me of the person watching the fire department put the fire in their house out while complaining about the water they were using. It's as if these people don't even know the issues in the first place if they can't figure what the Democratic position is. The Democratic stance really hasn't changed all that much since FDR. The way I see it is every Republican needs to be voted out in every election, in every place, at every level because at this point, the biggest issue is Democracy vs. Third Reich. How on Earth do you not get that message?

I don't see a problem with this

Lawsuits against any White Nationalist Party officials who unfairly toss out election results where they aren't winning - Not just lawsuits to right that wrong, but individual lawsuits that will destroy those officials and leave them homeless and destitute. No one has challenged these goobers with any possible consequences of violating the rights of voters. These are the same people who suppress the vote with ads and billboards in "certain" neighborhoods telling voters that even honest mistakes on ballots are punishable under the law. It's time to turn up the heat and turn the tables on these cons. It's time to indicate that they don't in fact have a privilege card that allows them to play by their own rules. PLEASE. Let's scare the living shit out of these people.

If only there was a DU Award for American Integrity...

I would nominate Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss for aggressively going after MAQA World for defamation. After being slandered and libeled by hostile white nationalists, they didn't complain about how bad conservatives are, they went on offense. And they aren't done yet. Much respect to them.
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