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Member since: Wed Aug 2, 2006, 03:27 AM
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I have a suspicion that the people blaming Democrats

for not previously codifying Roe v. Wade did not vote for Democrats in every election in every place at every level.

No other president could have done any better

than the uniquely equipped Joe Biden. He passed not one, but TWO pieces of landmark legislation before the midway point of his very first term. He realized his accomplishments without a Democratic supermajority in the Senate and a slim majority in the House. This is after inheriting a government that was in a functional spiral of diminution due to four consecutive years of signature republican malfeasance and incompetence. We will be back on that track of republican malfeasance and incompetence if we don't support our President. Support is contagious as is whining. Anyone who chooses to take Joe Biden and his successes for granted by jumping on the Dump on Biden bandwagon should take a little time to consider the alternative.

I continue to fully support Biden/Harris. I'm not ashamed or embarrassed. I'm simply proud and grateful that I know how this country works.

For the billionth time...

The point of successful progressive messaging is not to change the mind of intransigent MAGA DOOFUSES! Think about it. When MAGA DOOFUSES engaged in creating CRT as a boogie man for uninformed whites they didn't say "but that won't convince the Bidenites." They went ahead with their messaging -- and Goon Youngkin got elected in Virginia. Youngkin did not get elected due to a plurality of MAGA DOOFUSES. He got elected with a boost from a demographic of uninformed white suburbanites who were susceptible to persistent unanswered messaging from MAGA DOOFUSES. Those same people CAN be susceptible to progressive messaging if the message is there. So if you have talking points that can resonate with wishy-washy white suburbanites and a fellow so-called progressive responds "but that won't convince the MAGA crowd," smack them in the head, either figuratively, or literally if you have to. Then tell them if they aren't going to be of any help, get the hell out of your foxhole!

Just venting.

Message to maga election disruptors...

Any attempt to intimidate voters with an "army" of maga operatives is not only illegal, but grounds for massive civil suits that will leave any members of this "army" broken and destroyed. Any person who is part of this scheme in any place will find themselves sued for everything they have. The republican national committee will distance itself from you and you will be alone to fight to an inevitable loss for yourself.

This also goes for republican legislators who think that overturning elections is among their official privileges. There is nothing that insulates you from litigation. Test that position at your peril.
Posted by BaronChocula | Sat Jun 4, 2022, 08:45 PM (8 replies)
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