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Member since: Sat Sep 9, 2006, 06:02 PM
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You are painfully, agonizingly correct

I support Obama on Iran, Cuba, social issues, and a bunch of other stuff.
Those are good.

But his support of TPP is awful, just awful.
It is awful because TPP is awful, and Obama is a bright person who knows its awful.
But he pushes it anyway.

Obama is very much a mixed-bag as a President, and not a Progressive on many huge issues.
On many issues he seems like an obedient product of The University Of Chicago and Milton Friedman.
Privatized Public Schools/"Race-To-The-Top"? Drone killings? NSA spying? "Banks Too Big To Fail (or JAIL)?
These are part of what I think of as Obama's "bad" side.
All in all, my feelings about him are, "complex".

I am not some mindless "Obama-basher", but just someone who is earnestly Progressive on many issues,.
especially economic ones. And it is on the key economic and financial issues where I disagree with him most strongly.
The "TPP" side of Obama is not the side of him I like or admire.
Sorry, but that side of Obama is just way way too Reagan for me.
Y' know what I'm talkin' about?

I'm a boomer too (born in early 50s)

And I too, place MUCH blame on our generation and its smug complacency.

Plus, voting for REAGAN (which I never did--I smelled trouble from the get-go with RR, as some others did) was a real departure point for our generation----The place where many boomers left the rails of political common-sense, and never returned.

The election of Reagan is one of the biggest and bitterest points of criticism for our generation, IMO.
So much damage was done to America, while boomers counted their meagre tax cuts and cheered like idiots.

Too many Democrats have THIN SKINS

True progressives need to be fighters who relish the battle for justice,
and expect it to be uphill.

Schultz sounds like she was never really with us.

On most stations (which are owned by mega-corps like Comcast, Clear Channel, etc) it IS an agenda


The agenda is set at the highest levels.

Limbaugh was subsidized in his early years. Others are not subsidized. Why was he?

Because he served a corporate agenda.

Obvious cui bono.

Do more dishonest institutions than BIG CORPORATIONS exist in our society?

Typical mega-corporation, swimming in a sea of crony-capitalism...

You have to wonder what our elites are REALLY thinking...

When the media they own and control goes the "Full-Monty" on fear regarding a number of issues (Putin,ISIS, Ebola)
with terrorism leading the way.

This video brilliantly de-constructs the nauseating, but ominous phoniness of these so-called "authorities",
who are payed damn good money to LIE to us and manipulate our fears in our own mass-media.

Don't mean come off as a conspiracy-theorist, but thinking about the cui bono here
is a bit scary, to be honest.

Are We The People being set up?
And if so, for what?

I can't help thinking...

Nothing would stop a populist surge (based largely on economic issues), and feared by the elites,
like a big, shiny new war.

Know what I'm tryin' to say?

FOX ain't serving ISIS (directly), they are serving the Neocons

A solid block of FOX talking heads (blockheads? ) are well-known Neocons (WM Kristol, Krauthammer, etc).
The link between Fox and Neocons is inescapable and iron-clad.

The Neocons and US War-industry/MIC have the same goal as ISIS----Vast WAR, involving the whole world.

They want it for different reasons---ISIS, apparently for some insane messianic vision (they are clearly
baiting many nations, 1-at-a-time), while
the Neocons/MIC want it for for $$$$ and global dominance (Project for The New American Century, etc).
Also, war is the best way to control those troublesome dissidents (an old fascist method).

Ultimately, both ISIS and US Corporate Militarists want the same thing.

You can serve 2 masters.

I can understand folks with "mixed feelings" about Snowden, who at least acknowledge...

...How frikkin' indispensable the disclosures are to a so-called "free-society".

Nobody has to LIKE Snowden.

But what he DID, he did for The People (against scary, vengeful elites, with the full-force of corporate media on their side).

I guess some folks just can't think of the world in such complex terms,
and need everything to be black or white.
Then, they know for sure.

US role in Ukraine crisis is not an innocent one

Says William Pfaff, who will likely become
worse-than-Hitler in about another 5-minutes.

Nobody says Putin is a teddy-bear, or that Russia isn't still depressingly primitive in the area
of Gay rights (as is much of the world, sadly, which includes some red state areas in the US).
Basically, Russia is an Oligarchy, like we are in danger of becoming, and rather quickly, too.

But on the issue of Ukraine, America & Europe are not squeaky-clean, by a long-shot.



He has written about this before, but I'm sure all neocons will insist he is lying or delirious.

To those willing and able to see nuance, and irony, this is not all black & white ---- But it is
for neocons and those who desire war.

How about polls on ISSUES?

Do you prefer:
Public Schools or Privatized Charter Schools run for-profit on Public Fund$?
Hillary prefers Privatized Charter Schools.

Do you favor TPP, secretly negotiated and fast-tracked, as currently proposed??
Hillary does.

Do you think Wall St bankers who break the law are untouchable by US Justice,
and "too rich too jail", and do you want a president with a clear "pro-Wall St" bias?
Hillary does, and she's got that bias.

Do you support unconditional backing of Israel and adherence to AIPAC,
no matter how extreme and aggressive their policies may be?
Hillary does.

Do you display a definite hawkish, NEOCON-tilt in your foreign-policy orientation?
Hillary does.

Do you support NSA meta-data spying on ALL Americans?
Hillary does.

Do you support hard-line continuation of America's Drug War?
Hillary does.

Did YOU see yourself as poor, less than ten years before having a net worth of 100-million dollars?
Hillary did.

We can do better.

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