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nikto's Journal
nikto's Journal
September 17, 2013


If Wahlberg's test scores are not high, then his teachers and his school are total failures,
and that school will have to be privatized.

In Amurka', it is the only way.

Privatizing Public Schools is God's Plan.

You know----God (or should I say, "The Gods"---Gates, Broad, Walmart, Duncan, Deasy, Rhee, etc etc).

And as we all know,
Gods know best.

Until we know his test scores, we will not know if Wahlberg was properly edumacated and
properly indoctrinated in Godly Corporate Philosophy.


Because it's all about the kidz.

Below: LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy with young student

September 17, 2013

These T-Baggerz are a sad and weak-minded bunch of TOOLS.

But many are just a foreclosure, a nearby Fracking site, or a lost job away, from being Liberals.

Liberal arguments don't make Liberals anywhere near as fast as Corporate, Big-Bank,
and Investor misdeeds and mistreatment of The Masses do.

September 14, 2013

Humorists: Let's have some fun----Let's play, "HOW IS OBAMA WRONG?"

This is a little rhetorical game that can be played even if you are one of those Progressives (like me)
who has a number of major criticisms of
Obama's administration for not being nearly Progressive enough in many areas.

Please, put those aside for a moment.

I want to satirize the GOP/rightwingers' automatic, robotic, always-predictable, knee-jerk
mindless, slamming of Obama no matter what he does, with no exceptions, ever.

Here's how you play it:

Come up with something good Obama would be described as doing, like:

A--"Obama Brings Peace to MidEast"
B--(GOP response)--"The Terrorists will just use Peace to secretly build-up their forces to attack America".


A--"Obama rescues child from deadly surf in Hawaii and re-starts her breathing with CPR"

B--"Obama was sexually abusing that child with mouth-to-mouth--Arrest him!"

A--"Obama reverses his stand and declares Global Climate change a hoax"

B--"Global Climate Change suddenly found to be real, and caused by Obama! That's why he wants to deny it now"

A--"Obama Praises benefits of Oxygen as a life-sustaining element".

B--"Oxygen is #1 cause of fires on Earth. Obama Loves destructive fires!"

A--"Obama fights Godzilla off the coast of Japan and drives him away, saving Japan!"

B--"Obama's regulation of Godzilla eliminates thousands of construction/repair jobs--Why does Obama hate workers?
Also, who cares about saving Japan? He only saved Japan because it wasn't America!"

OK, that's the idea.

This is rich ground, folks.

C'mon, you humorists out there, now give it back to the GOP lock-step rationalizers.

And I know many of you can do far better and funnier than I.

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