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nikto's Journal
nikto's Journal
September 2, 2014

I am 63, and this is not the America I voted for or ever wanted

I was the beneficiary of a great birth year---circa 1950s----A better, fairer (with all its injustices) era of American history,
due to The new Deal and a more liberal era of the country (watch some of the western shows from the
late 50s/early 60s for some of the flavor of that popular liberalism--Fine liberal values on display in many episodes of
Have Gun Will Travel, Bonanza, Gunsmoke, etc etc). Very different from today---because it was a different era.

With all it's problems,
It was a far better America, with far more level playing field, than it is today.

Back in the late 70s and 80s I could see cynical change coming, and voted against Reagan both times, and I oppose all corporatists (both Dem and GOP) as should all freedom-loving (and opportunity-loving) Americans.

But in 2014, amazingly, the country is still
being re-made by THEM, not by people who feel as I do.

The New Deal is being totally rolled-back, as was forecast and seen by some folks way back in the 80s.

This economy has been partly made by the Clintons, and by Obama's bows to banks and corporations,
as well as by the GOP corporatists themselves. All those in power who made their deal with The Devil of American Big Business (and those who were susceptable to their dishonest sales pitches) were part of the cause of our present troubles.

Progressive political REFORM is the answer.

But America isn't listening.

Instead we are continuing to drive very fast in the opposite direction.

As pitiful as it may seem,
I sincerely, and with an aching heart,
apologize to you for all the members of my generation who voted for
the garbage-America we are getting now.

I am so sorry.

And for the perpe-traitors, I have only...

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