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Member since: Sat Sep 9, 2006, 06:02 PM
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Should the Democratic Party start using the GOP's vote-suppression tactics in blue states?

You know the methods the GOP uses in its "red" states.
Couldn't we play a similar game, since the Supreme Court now allows it?

Such as:
Limiting the GOP vote via
closing-down MANY polling places in GOP-areas (to save $$ is the best excuse),
caging voters similarly to "Cross-Check" (thoroughly covered by Greg Palast),
and using electronic tabulation to create, for once, an actual "blue-shift", which, so far, does not exist-----
There is only a "red" shift so far (and the GOP used it in the "swing" states, ofcourse, where it was most needed).
This "shift" was covered by Mark Crispin Miller.

The GOP uses all these methods to crush Democrats.
Yeah, it's dirty.

But if we want these filthy tactics to be outlawed,
we are going to have to use them against the GOP.

Otherwise, why should the GOP give up weapons the other side refuses to EVER use?

OK, I'll go take a shower now.

But if we are not willing to get down and dirty, the GOP
will NEVER stop using down and dirty tactics against The Democratic Party.

Never. Not ever.
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