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Member since: Sun Sep 10, 2006, 07:56 PM
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What will Gordon Sondland do? What will he say? What are his options & their probable consequences?

Predictions, anyone?

"Using Latin, per se, is not something I normally do."

I just heard that on MSNBC in connection with "quid pro quo" vs. "extortion." I'm not sure who said it but he didn't appear to be joking.

"Per se" is Latin.

I've begun thinking of a certain U.S. Representative as the "Whiny Weasel". Can you guess who?


An asymptote is something that you can always get closer to but can never reach, like an endless succession of "half the distance to the goal" penalties in football, or like seeing Trump's tax returns.

Effectively, the ruling is a loss for Trump but a less significant one then [sic] the blows other courts have dealt him in cases involving Democrats' pursuits of his financial records. Courts have sided with the House multiple times in cases where its committees have subpoenaed Trump's financial records. Trump is still appealing those rulings, keeping the House subpoenas on hold.
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