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Gender: Male
Member since: Sun Sep 10, 2006, 08:56 PM
Number of posts: 5,250

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I'm not really undecided.

I've noticed that people here who choose to display their favorite candidate thereby compromise their ability to project objective opinions. When I read their posts I tend to think "well you would say that since you're a ------ fan."

So, although I do currently favor one of the Democratic candidates, I prefer to keep that to myself so that I can freely state my opinion about any issue without an appearance of bias.

We should start getting into the habit of referring to Trump by his upcoming new title!

Soon his title will no longer be "President Trump", it'll be "Impeached President Trump", and he should properly be addressed as "Mister Impeached President." This won't be an expression of anyone's personal opinion, it'll be a simple statement of fact. It's what he'll be and therefore what he should be called.

After all the terrible things that Trump has done to our nation, this is all we've got???

With only two articles of impeachment, The House will be portrayed as conceding that all other accusations against Trump are empty of substance and these two articles represent all they have. That's what Trump is claiming now and that claim sounds frighteningly compelling. The Republicans will dispose of this and Democrats will have nothing.

This is a really bad idea. Making this simple to understand also makes it simple to dismiss, and that's exactly what will happen. This is probably the only chance the House will get and they need to put everything they have into it, else Trump will have a green light to do whatever he pleases for the rest of his term, and any future impeachment efforts by Democrats will get laughed off the stage.

Every impeachable transgression that Trump has committed must be included in those articles of impeachment.

The Republican Strategy to Make the Problem of Climate Change Go Away

... as illustrated by Douglas Adams in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy:

Zaphod burst out in annoyance: "Who are they Trillian?"
Trillian span her seat round to face him and shrugged.
"Just a couple of guys we seem to have picked up in open space," she said. "Section ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha."
"Yeah, well that's a very sweet thought Trillian," complained Zaphod, "but do you really think it's wise under the circumstances?
"Zaphod," she said patiently, "they were floating unprotected in open space ... you wouldn't want them to have died would you?"
"Well, you know ... no. Not as such, but ..."
"Not as such? Not die as such? But?" Trillian cocked her head on one side.
"Well, maybe someone else might have picked them up later."
"A second later and they would have been dead."
"Yeah, so if you'd taken the trouble to think about the problem a bit longer it would have gone away."
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