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Member since: Sun Sep 10, 2006, 08:56 PM
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Joe Biden is the big guy in the old west saloon brawl.

The probably unspoken, almost instinctive, group strategy is to gang up on Biden and get him out of the way first, then concentrate on battling each other afterward. And I predict that's exactly how this is going to play out.

The moderators need to stop interrupting!

All of the candidates had portions of their messages rendered unintelligible by moderators talking over them to say that their time was up. That has to stop.

Perhaps some sort of clock visible to the candidates can be arranged to warn them that their microphones will go dead when their time expires, or even more sophisticated, allot each candidate an equal share of time for the entire debate and let them portion that time the way time is budgeted by chess opponents using a chess clock.

But however it's done, let the candidates themselves take responsibility for fitting their messages into the time allotted to them. It serves the interest of no one on our side to truncate sentences and turn them into unclear fragments.

Is Fox News finally ready to acknowledge that Trump lies about everything?

Two Fox News hosts question Trump's comments about Iran: 'This just doesn't add up'

Is Fox News finally ready to face the reality that Trump lies about everything?



My main concern is how well a candidate understands politics and world affairs. How does yours rate?

How would you rate your favorite candidate on a scale of 1 to 10, where Rachel Maddow = 10 and Trump = 0?
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