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Member since: Mon Oct 2, 2006, 10:23 PM
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Very disturbing - Trouble posting a comment on Yahoo!

I just had a very disturbing experience on the internet. I read a short, 2 paragraph story on the Yahoo.com web site about a CBS poll that was headlined “Poll: One in Four Americans Want Supreme Court to Uphold Health Care Law – Report’ National Journal.” I read the poll on the CBS site and decided to comment on the Yahoo site, drawing attention to the fact that actually the Headline was misleading. My comment was as follows:

“ Read the Poll. This is another case of bias in the headline. Actually only 38% want to overturn the law. But of the 47% who disapprove of the law, 76% want to require insurance companies to cover those with pre-existing conditions, 65% want to reduce the “Donut Hole” for prescription drugs and 56% want to allow children under 26 to stay on parents plan. But all of this is mostly nonsense as 48% say they don’t understand how the health care law will affect their family, answering; “No, it’s confusing.”
Meanwhile, if you scroll down you’ll learn that 69% think the US should not be involved in Afghanistan and only 23% think we should.
The supreme court should be ruling on whether we should be required to pay for a war the majority doesn’t want. “

It appeared that the comment was posted, but when I returned to the site to see if there were any replies, I found my post had not actually been posted. So I reposted it. Again, it appeared as posted, but when I refreshed the site, it was gone. I reworded it. Again, not posted. Very odd.

I then posted the following statement to see if it would be posted: “Obama is a fink”!
Well, it made it up, no problem. Then, again I tried a short comment about the misleading headline, and “read the poll”. Again, not posted. So I tried this one “ My grandma died because of Obamacare!” Posted! No problem!

I just wasted an hour trying to get my comment to post, but was only able to get a few scraps of the poll up and a lot of tea bagger hyperbole quotes up, but never was my whole comment allowed to remain posted.

Am I losing it? Could someone please check to see if they can get a post up similar to mine above to stick on this Yahoo page? Does this explain the skewed opinion that shows up on the Yahoo comments for every news article they post? I know newspapers will often not print letters based on the content but somehow I thought the instant online comments were pretty much not censored/edited. Is this what you thought? Am I just an old naive boomer ready for the trashheap?

Here’s the link to the Yahoo webpage and the CBS poll. You’ll see my posts under “Roger”.



Let me know how you make out.

ON EDIT: Just tried again! Must be a different censor...the post went up! YIKES!

Will the supreme court televise the Health Care fight arguments?

I believe they have set aside an unprecedented 5 hours for the hearing but how will the public get the information? Has anyone heard?

Did Rmoney's SPAC hold back on negative ads against Santorum and Newt?

If you are from Mississippi or Alabama tell us what happened down there. In the other states, Romney's machince spent big and smeared his two opponents. Did they realize Mitt didn't have a chance and not spend or were the negative ads ineffective? I can't believe a guy making $500,000 a week opening the mail couldn't do better at beating back his rivals.
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