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Member since: Mon Oct 2, 2006, 10:23 PM
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Most of you know this about America's talk radio....

But I don't travel much and I just found out.

So I'm driving from Cape Cod to Washington D.C. trying to listen to NPR, my usual source for radio news etc. I notice vast stretches of Connecticut have no coverage but in those areas there is no problem finding Rush Limbaugh etc. Eventually I give up trying to get anything and settle for some music.

Then, My brother and I head out for the midwest in his car...its a wedding.... and I'm telling him about the right wing overrunning the air waves.
He says no problem, and turns on his Sirius satellite radio. The left is back! Channel 127. All the guys I have read about on DU are there and telling it how it is. Tom Hartman and Ed Schultz etc.

Heads up, there's HOPE>

Antonin Scalia says he was wrong, there has been an innocent executed!


What did you expect? From Scalia? I don't think so.

Columbia U. investigates Texas execution and finds big holes in the justice system.


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