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Member since: Mon Oct 2, 2006, 10:23 PM
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OK! Time to review the Boston Bombing story.

There's been a lot of reporting but not so much on what of what was reported still stands.
DU; Help me out. Back it up with a link if possible.

1. Who did what at the 7-11 store? Any video to back it up?

2. Was MIT cop responding to a call, or just sitting in the car? Have we witnesses to that shooting?

3. Was a gun found on either suspect?

4. Did the younger brother show up at car repair place wanting his Mercedes "Right now" on Tuesday? Was it his Mercedes?

5. Were the two suspects in different cars when they stopped to throw bombs in Watertown?
Where were they coming from? What kind of cars? Honda and ????

6. Did they have guns and shoot at the police in Watertown? How many Police were there at that point.

7. Did the suspect climb out of boat by himself, or was he down and out at that point?

8. Were there really bombs strapped to either suspect? Pictures?

Thanks for the help on this.

Business control of the image?: Plenty of pictures of carnage for bombing....

Not one picture of classrooms in Newtown.

Gun control ready for defeat this week.

What would you do if you were 28 and inherited a wacko country?

First thing would be to get rid of crazed Military industrial complex. How do you do that?

Send them off to a war they can't possibly win and let the chip fall where they may. I know, shoot missiles at the ole USA!

This guy may not be as dumb as first appears.

He needs to show his has the balls, and he can't counter what the military wants or he risks assassination.

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