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Member since: Mon Oct 2, 2006, 10:23 PM
Number of posts: 4,764

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I took a dip in the pizzagate cesspool last night.

Here's my read. Please add or correct my impressions as necessary.

1. Wikileaks released Podesta emails.
2. Right wingers couldn't find much but they noticed odd references to pizza.
3. They worked themselves into a frenzy about the local pizza joint which is owned by a gay guy and which caters to families.
4. They found out the owner is a successful fund raiser for Clinton who sponsors events which run late into the night.
5. Lots of leaps of reason and unanswered questions about how the place might possibly be involved in child sex trade.
6. Recent arrest of N.C. guy who showed up to check out the place himself was actually a "False Flag" attempt by Clinton or other no
good Pedophile to kill the Conspiracy theory.
7. Shut down of all the information on the internet about the pizza place and the CT proves the powers that be are hand in hand
with the Pedophiles and there will never be any exposure of these people and their nasty deeds.
8. The alternative internet, which is the only source of truth is in big trouble because the MSM is coming after them to shut them down under the guise of "Stopping faux news."

Did I miss anything. Please add anything you think is important to the issue before I move on to the next issue: "Why people are beginning to say:" Merry Christmas" rather than "Happy Holidays'"".

Inauguration plans are beginning to congeal.

Show up. Bring a flag. (Stars and stripes, red, white and blue) Fly the flag upside down. (We all know what that signifies. Bring a noise maker. (to celebrate-if asked). Make enough noise so no one can hear Trump's lies. All Americans are invited to this inauguration just like every one in the past. Meet at the high ground at the Washington Monument. When we have 100,000 or so we'll start walking towards the Capitol building to make sure others in the crowd cannot hear Trump's inaugural address.

Can I count you in?


Have any of you ever participated in a presidential exit poll?

2016 or earlier....

Were you chosen by the pollster or did you choose to be included by approaching the pollster?

Could you have avoided the pollster by simply refusing to participate?

Were your responses written (say on a form) or verbal to the pollster who recorded them?

What else can you tell us about your experience? Did it take long?

Is DU going to DC in January?

Just checking to see where you are on protesting in DC at the inauguration.

I'm trying to decide. I went to Obama's historical inauguration in 2009 and was hoping to be at Clinton's in 2017.

Trump releases Tax Returns???

Concerning Trumps release, or not, of his income tax returns. This could easily turn to another hard hit on Clinton’s tenuous lead as we approach election day. Trump has shown he has no ethics and a few dollars thrown towards one of his accountants could simply produce a faux return showing great levels of income, charitable contributions and tax payments. The IRS will not be confirming its authenticity nor will anyone else. The issue will disappear as an news item immediately and hopefully we can all concentrate on his illegal Cuba deals, Trump foundation shenanigans and “Temperament”. But he could easily own the tax return issue in the final weeks of the campaign.

Will he do it?

Massachusetts has a serious consumer advocate as AG.

Going after Remington and Glock about guns misfiring.

Gotta love it.


The rest of the story about Washington Post poll.

"Despite his woes, not all the results of the new polls were heartening for Mrs. Clinton. The Journal-NBC survey found that her lead essentially disappears when candidates from the Green Party and Libertarian Party are included. She essentially tied Mr. Trump, with 39 percent to his 38 percent. Together, third-party candidates grabbed 16 percent of the support."


Clinton would be wise to get a strong progressive/green candidate on her ticket and listen to him/her.

So Wisconsin destributes 48 delegates to Sanders and 38 to Clinton.

Seems fair.....not.


Sanders wins every county save Milwaukee.

NEW YORKERS! Make sure you are registered and know where to vote.


Friends in New York? Check for them and let them know its time to make changes in Washington.

New Yorker article about the primary has a quote from Sanders that says a lot.

When I spoke to Sanders last week, he refused to speculate about any Convention scenarios that didn’t include him as the nominee. “I look forward to her dropping out and giving me her strong support,” he said. He was adamant that Clinton could not deliver the kind of change that voters are demanding, no matter what policy positions she adopted. “The issue is creating an economy and a political system that works for all Americans and not the one per cent,” he said. “That does not happen through a speech. That happens by reaching out and mobilizing millions and millions of people. There is no indication that Hillary Clinton has ever done that, or ever wants to do that. You don’t go and give speeches behind closed doors to Wall Street and be the same person that is going to rally the American people. That just does not exist.”


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