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Member since: Mon Oct 2, 2006, 10:23 PM
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Let's talk GOP tax bill and budget process!

I'd like to know exactly how the GOP congress intends to bring their tax break for the rich to completion. When will the bill actually be completely finished and when will the required votes occur? Will it be worked through a committee or will it be like Trumpcare and arranged by 12 old white guys in a backroom somewhere?

I've read that the GOP isn't completely together about tax deduction removals, Standard Deductions, Estate tax so I'm wondering if there is even a remote possibility that this could pass.

It has been reported that a vote was taken last Thursday that moves the budget along that will facilitate the tax plan but I'm feeling uninformed.

Anybody following this who could help a guy out? Point me to sources if you don't want to explain it yourself.

I read the nice report about the Harvard/Yale/Wall Street guy helping Secretary Treasurer, but nothing about where exactly we are on this.

As always, Thanks.
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