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Member since: Mon Oct 2, 2006, 10:23 PM
Number of posts: 4,760

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Is it true Fox News hasn't Tweeted since Nov. 8th??

Anybody up on this?

Imagine the conversation among Trumps lawyers as they review his answers to Mueller's questions.

Lawyer #1: So here he answers that he knew about the meeting Don Jr. had with the Russians.

Lawyer #2: Oh shit.

Lawyer #1: Do you think we should tell him about the problem with that?

Lawyer #2: Well, he either did or he didnít.

Lawyer #1: But maybe if he knew what could come of that, he would choose to change his answer or maybe
refuse to answer.

Lawyer #2: Oh. Shit.

One Thing as we arrive at Presidential Candidate Picking Time:

Bernie Sanders has laid down the gauntlet. Every Democratic candidate will embrace his platform or spin their wheels.
$15 Minimum Wage, Free College education, Healthcare as a right and paid for by Government, and protection and enhancement of Social Security.

You won't hear one Democratic Candidate speaking against any of these. The choice will revolve around personality, age, sex, experience and the ability to bring it on

There will be nervousness about "Socialism" but those declaring themselves moderate will get no traction. There is no room for timidness in today's Democratic Party: We are on a roll.

If you disagree, name the viable candidate not embracing Bernie's base goals.

An honest acessment of the Acosta video by The New Yorker...Here....

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