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Member since: Mon Oct 2, 2006, 10:23 PM
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Help me out here about Senate vote going on now.

This vote is to "proceed to vote on the bill." Is this a vote to close debate and does it need 60 to pass? Apparently not, as they already have 45 no votes...so why wait for the others to vote....

Or is it the bill itself that needs 60 votes?

Or what?


Democrats should immediately impeach Trump upon convining the next congress.

Make the Republican Senators vote yes or no to convict and let them run in 2020 on that vote. The mid terms show supporting Trump is a losing position and the Democrats will regain the Senate and most likely the presidency. Alternatively, start the process closer to the 2020 election...say Christmas of 2019. But do it, just based on Trump's ceaseless lying.

Key to picking the best candidate for President is to realize Trump won't be on the ticket in 2020. A Democratic win won't be assured as a moderate could come to the front of the possible Republican candidates.

Just saying.
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