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Member since: Mon Oct 2, 2006, 10:23 PM
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Here's a good run down of all that's in the Georgia Voting law.

Besides the "No food or drinks" rule, I think the control of the make up of the Elections Board by the legislature is the biggest concern.
Control will clearly go to the party in control of the state houses: GOP.


Perhaps, like me, you've seen the recent reports about banning transsexuals from school sports.

Here's a report to get you the information you need about the issue. In summary, it's as rare as voter fraud.


More right wing crap talk.

Here's a Cuomo Timeline.

I hope Cuomo hangs in there. These allegations don't amount to sexual harassment even though, if true, they don't reflect well on Cuomo's social skills. The Second accuser, Bennett, loses some credibility in my opinion by her actions concerning job prospects. And wouldn't her statement that she had been sexually assaulted to Cuomo be expected to lead to discussion and questions about her feelings about sex?

I agree with Cuomo and Franklin, that these accusations should be investigated before verdicts are declared. Otherwise, there will never be an end to the harassment nor the accusations.


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