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How about this as a way to Biden's goal of reducing fossil fuel use?

Here’s my plan to move the country off fossil fuels and towards a sustainable carbon neutral future.

Ration gasoline.

Very simply: require a ration card for every gallon of gas sold across the country. Ration cards would be distributed to every man, women and child on a monthly basis. The total number of gallons would start off equal to the current use and would be slowly decreased until the number in 2030 (Biden’s target date) would be ˝ the current use. The cards would have an expiration date three months after issuance. (This would prevent hoarding and speculation knowing the future will bring higher prices as the 2030 dates grows closer very day). Those people not using their ration could sell their cards at a rate determined by the market. These cards would become a currency in themselves and have to be secured and printed in a way similar to cash today. I imagine a credit system being established similar to the current credit/debit card system now used for money, established by banks, just as we have now in order to ease transactions involving the ration cards.


I need more gas to get to work than my neighbor who sits at home all day. How is that fair?

If you are using more fossil fuels, for whatever reason, you will be penalized. You will find (especially at first) ration cards readily available. But as time goes by it will become apparent that you will need to make some changes. The simple solution will be to get an electric car. Alternatively, you could find ways to live closer to work, share transportation or get a more fuel efficient car.

Kids don’t need gas, why are they getting the same ration as everyone else.

Kids need the climate to cool down just as much as everyone else. In fact, it could be argued they will be required to make many more sacrifices than adults during their life time. They can use their cards to help their parents have enough gas to get them around or sell them on the market to save for a future with many uncertainties.

But what about FREEDOM? I have lots of money and can afford my empty pickup truck that gets almost 15 miles per gallon. This is America, I should be free to drive whatever I want wherever I want. Why not?

By now you should realize that pumping carbon into the air is affecting everyone. Using the shared roadway system to do so will require you to join the rest of us in moving towards a future that is sustainable. While the current system based on the Dollar and the Holy Market gets you what you want because you have the money to afford it, everyone is affected by the climate changes to come. We need a system that based equally on simply one parameter: Life. This method of sharing equally in reducing the use of fossil fuels will get us to the target in the most equitable way.

How will the ration cards be distributed?

Each American with a Social Security Card will be entitled to a gas ration card account. All others in need of gas will need to go to the “Market” (Black or otherwise) to get the gas they need. Those wanting to avoid all the hassle will simply move to an electric car and sell their ration on the market or simply refuse to use their ration which will expire after 3 months.

What about the cost of gas? Won’t it be affected by this system?

Gas prices will, as now, be determined by market forces. As people use less gas, just as when people move to electric cars, supply will exceed demand and the cost of gas will go down. (assuming no manipulation). There would be no other long range expected impact.

How is this different from the Carbon Trading ideas already discussed?

Although very similar in goal, the rationing of gasoline will be much more transparent and controllable by those actually using the
fossil fuels. By hiding the production of carbon in the atmosphere, the average American has no idea what he is responsible for causing. Faced with the decision to spend their ration cards on a daily basis, the rational actor will move away from polluting towards a more economical action. Carbon trading will still have its place in the fight to save the climate.

Just remember what people were required to do during WWII in the name of FREEDOM!

Newshour this evening mentioned China and US carbon emissions about 6 times.

Saying China was the biggest emitter with US in second place. I just want to say that I feel this really feeds into the China bashing GOP crap that Trump was so good at. Take a look at per capita emission data, collected two ways on this Wikipedia page. Of course emissions level will correspond with population levels. What is the intent of such reporting? China is way down the list when considering the country has 1.4 BILLION people...USA? 330 Million. 1/4 of China.


Just saying.

Chauvin Trial: Will the Prosecution need to show motive?

If so, what will they claim? Maybe this was covered in the opening statements, but I missed that.

I've seen mention of an earlier encounter at bouncing/security jobs and of course racism...what else? Showing off to the street "crowd"?

Chauvin Trial: First thing Chauvin does is grab Floyd by the neck with both hands.

Then he throws his camera under the car and holds Floyd in blood choke with left hand at carotid artery while pushing with his left shoulder on his head.

Chauvin then sees Tao on drivers side of car, tries to subdue Floyd for additional 3 or 4 seconds then stops the pressure. Removes Floyd from car and puts his neck under his knee until he is asked to remove it by the paramedic, so paramedic can reach the carotid artery to check pulse.

Here is the evidence straight from the officer's cameras:

Chauvin's camera showing very first contact with Floyd. [link:?t=27297|

Tao's camera showing view from drivers side/rear door: 7:15:26 (actual time: 20:18:28)


Chauvin throws camera off, right hand moving from chest downward, at 20:18:32 (Actual time on officer's camera), Notice his reaction upon seeing Tao at open door across car. Left arm around neck.

A couple of minutes of video pretty much lays out the case...in my mind.
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