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Member since: Mon Oct 2, 2006, 10:23 PM
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Just got an interesting spam attempt...thought I'd share:

Email from known sender says they were sharing a message in Dropbox..click on link. This link sent me to a sort of official looking Dropbox page which asked me to sign in using one of about 6 possibilities...for example, YahooMail, Amazon, facebook, AOL, outlook.... etc.

Apparently the page wanted me to divulge my password to one of these to get to a dropbox message.

Did not buy it. Went to my Dropbox account which hasn't been active since 2014. No message for me there.

Whaduya think?

Now we are learning there is NO way the GOP can stop a Justice appointment!

Got the wrong story, so sorry and thanks so much DU for setting me straight. As stated below, apparently, unless a Democrat Senator along the way doesn't go with Biden's pick, a stalemate in the Judicial Committee and full support from the 50 Democratic Senators will confirm his nominee...Ya-Hoo!

My speculation on why Breyer chose right now to announce retirement:

He just returned from the meeting where all the justices state their positions on the Mississippi abortion case. He came to realize that the Trump appointees are actually going to overturn Roe vs. Wade after it being the law for almost 50 years. He can see the writing on the wall that should the Democrats lose the Senate in November, there may be no possibility of keeping his seat a liberal voice on the court, moving the return to sanity on the bench even further into the future. A political move? You betcha.

Whadayu think?

My Memory of Martin Luther King.

In 1964, a small group of friends from high school became interested in current events of the time and we found various events to attend in order to get informed about WTF was going on. We had been aware of the Freedom Riders' movement working to open up public transportation to everybody equally. Of course we had heard of the marches for voting rights...the songs about "Overcoming" and Selma, Alabama. We learned that Martin Luther King was to give a talk at a local church in a "Colored" part of St. Louis and we decided to go and see the news-maker in person. There were 3 or maybe 5 of us 17 year old privileged white guys. We stood out a bit in the pews of the packed to standing room only church, but felt welcome...to say the least. As it turned out, no one broke into our car or harassed us on the street in that 'dangerous" part of town but Dr. King and his right hand man, Ralph Abernathy did steal our hearts and minds. Thank goodness no one in most of the schools at that time were talking about banning "Critical Race Theory" but rather were encouraging students in their quest for TRUTH.

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