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Member since: Mon Oct 2, 2006, 10:23 PM
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The crazy talk of moral war needs to stop.

For some reason the NATO countries are bending over backwards to keep from giving Putin the excuse to use nuclear weapons. Somehow they think he won’t if we just let the Ukrainians beat them without any more help than a few Javelins and Stingers. They think Putin will simply quietly call his commanders and tell them to turn around and head back to Russia. Or maybe our western leaders, steeped in the morals of correctly fighting wars are just waiting for the inevitable, that is the Russians’ victory, which will include the death or removal of millions of Ukranians. The morally superior will then condemn the Russians, talk about how they were so morally blessed not to risk a nuclear war and how everything will be fine now that the war is over…thousands dead or displaced? So be it.

Why do so many think that Putin will not justify his use of Nuclear weapons as he is backed into a corner militarily and economically? Is there any indication he has the slightest hint of a moral compass as he attempts to revive his dream of super power? Does his history of past actions, including poisoning his political rivals, demolishing former Soviet states and his current actions in Ukraine give you any indication of what to expect will be his reaction to lose to Zelensky and the Ukrainians?

When the Nuclear missiles start flying, at least as we shift through the ruins, we will be able to congratulate ourselves for being the ones that didn’t escalate the war and give Putin an excuse to shoot the first one…..as if he needed one.

Where were all the moralists in Washington as Bush ordered his unprovoked Shock and Awl bombardment of Baghdad? 600,000 Iraqis dead. For What? Terrorism? What are the Russians committing in Ukraine right now? Why the hesitation? Did anyone go to Hell for our anti-terrorist wars? In fact, has anyone even mentioned the immorality of the torture brought to the Middle East by our forces?

You don’t want me in charge, that is for sure, but consider this:

Sign Ukraine into the EU and NATO right now. Advise Putin that he needs to remove his troops from Ukraine by March 15th or expect NATO to react as they would to any incursion of any NATO country. March 16th enforce the expulsion of the Russian military from Ukraine…by any means necessary. Call it a “Special Military Operation”. Threaten the use of Nuclear weapons if resisted. Why is Putin the only one that can use such talk? Ukraine has been recognized by the entire political world as a distinct sovereign nation for years. What is holding the moralists back from doing what is apparently necessary to keep Putin from killing those poor people?

Huge Russian convoy falls off Media's Radar.

As the vehicles started moving, or not, the Media continues to cover the easy to find 2.0 Million evacuees and avoids any mention of the Convoy. Many, across the world, have put forth all sorts of ideas for destroying the Convoy, but its fate seems to lie in simply becoming invisible to any actual scrutiny. There is one report of the earth opening up and swallowing the trucks
but that was 3 days ago.
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