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Member since: Mon Oct 2, 2006, 10:23 PM
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Did anyone listen to RW Radio on Tuesday, May 23?

I spent the day in the doctor's waiting while they cut up my wife's face chasing skin cancer. Two other old white guys were also there and out of the blue they started talking about things they heard...I'm assuming....on the radio. This is Massachusetts:

1. Over twenty eight whales have died at the site of the new windmill foundations going in south of Cape Cod.

2. Immigrants are being housed in Hotel rooms with the $150/night charged to "us taxpayers." They are getting $45/day for food.
Also all the medical care they need for free etc. You've heard it for sure.

Is there anything new in this area of discourse? I didn't reply and they did not go on for long but the one said he had heard the
stories also. I'm guessing Howie Carr, but maybe some national hate monger working to replace Rush Limpballs?
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