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jimlup's Journal
jimlup's Journal
January 20, 2015

Yeah I remember that time well...

The real '60's that is, not the white washed version we usually here about in the fantasy.

I was a white almost adolesent. I remember asking my parents specifically about MLK. They said "Well we agree with him but his methods are too extreme." I also recall asking my mom about his funeral and if we would have gone had we been there (at that time we were no longer in Atlanta) and she said no because he was too radical.

That is what even the most liberal whites thought of MLK in 60's.

As an aside I also remember a time when I was around 5 or 6 years old and traveling with my parents in North Carolina. (We lived in Atlanta at the time and were visiting my Grandparents.) I saw a "whites only" drinking fountain and asked what that meant. My mom explained and to her credit explained to me that it was wrong and that colored people were just the same as us and it was wrong to do things like that. I made a point of going and drinking from the colored drinking fountain because it seemed like the right thing to do at the time. I do think I was like 6 or so but I don't totally remember. To her credit, my mom was proud of me for that. My parents were later involved in the civil rights movement in Columbia South Carolina and active in that movement but it was after 1968 that they finally moved fully and squarely into the civil rights movement.

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