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Lint Head

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Member since: Sun Jan 14, 2007, 04:52 AM
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Linthead left this world today. Thank you for providing a forum.

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If our government was not wholly owned by the fascist corporate machine I may agree with Thom.

The SCOTUS 'installed' George W. Bush as President so they 'can' control the Presidency. They control the Presidency all the time. Example: Declaring a corporation as an individual with individual rights subverts elections with amounts of money no regular individual can produce to impact an election. Unconstitutional voter suppression is going on as I write this. I Have read the Constitution and apparently some of the US Supreme Court members have not. Scalia says it is just a piece of paper. It does not matter what is written in the Constitution if the Senate, Congress and the President ignore it and subvert it. War crimes and treason committed by past federal officials goes unpunished. Endangering the nation's security because financial institutions can rob the people of billions and bankrupt them because they can't pay for health care and go unpunished tells me that people in power with university educations have not and refuse to read or uphold the Constitution. Apparently they have become smart enough and rich enough not to give a rats rear end what We the People think or want. There are no more 'checks and balances' no matter how much Thom Hartman quotes Thomas Jefferson. The check that matters is the one corporations use to buy subversion of our freedom.

"Playing the race card" has become the clarion call for racists to do nothing more than

prevent the subject of racism from even being brought up. Just like the "politically correct" meme.

There is nothing wrong with being "politically correct". Being politically wrong can be deadly.

There is nothing wrong with "playing the race card" to point out racism. Ignoring racism can be deadly.

I prefer life and equality for me and everyone else.

So the Police Chief gets a vacation with pay when his direct reports do not arrest a killer.

It must be good to be Chief. I guess Trayvon Martin didn't have the right to stand his ground.

We are living in a country that allows war criminals to run it, bankers to rob it and killers to stand their ground and kill.
I realize it takes time to change negative issues but after a while the saturation point is reached and there either a change
or the positive drowns in the overload.

My wish is that history reflects that we as a country fought back against the repressive theocratic corporate death loving fascism that is currently trying to smother our rights as human beings.

“Give to every other human being every right that you claim for yourself - that is my doctrine.”
― Thomas Paine, The Age Of Reason

Things are getting out of hand in our country.

I have been reading, hearing seeing and witnessing many disturbing things regarding the rights we as Americans have had for decades and centuries being dismantled in a subversive yet obvious manner. Subversive and obvious sound like contradictions but when ignorant people are trying to destroy something created by people with high I.Q's they expose their ignorance. I predict there will be an obvious reaction, be it legal, peaceful, and possibly violent to the degradation of common rights to all people in America. We better get ready and be aware because the right wing is in all out assault mode. If anyone thinks I'm exaggerating all you need to do is read American history or world history. We are not immune to the common experiences of mankind. History repeats itself like it or not. I have been on the planet long enough to have personally witnessed the things I've mentioned and I'm sure I'm not the only one on DU that has.

Was it God's will that Andrew Breitbart died?

I am not advocating any religious belief just wondering what the Christians who believe in predestination think of this question.

I personally believe in free will from a spiritual perspective. Philosophically speaking, from a atheist's perspective, free will is an obvious concept.

If it is God's will, then the right wing evangelicals who idolized Breitbart must be really questioning why God would want Breitbart to die.

Considering the Christian Bible says idolatry is a sin that could be a double whammy?

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