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Lint Head

Lint Head's Journal
Lint Head's Journal
January 29, 2013

The moment the twin towers were hit I knew it was Bin Laden simply because of the blowing up

of up the giant twin Buddhas and a report on Frontline long before it happened. The powers that be are only fooling the fools that only know how to follow.

The deck is stacked. We are enslaved by what we are allowed to consume and fed by corporations and their employed minions who spoon feed the masses the money making shiny objects and fads of the moment. The staples of life will soon be totally controlled by mega businesses like Con Agra and Monsanto who will own the very seed for the food we eat and have it produced by slave labor in other countries. There is a fight right now to save the family farm. The bio industries are trade marking common genes and dna at this moment.
Knowledge is power and resistance is the weapon. We have to use the only power we have or some day even resistance will be futile.

January 16, 2013

Marco Rubio said that what the President did would not stop Sandy Hook. How does he know?

If certain types of firearms are less available and some folks cannot obtain guns then that creates a 'less' chance of murders happening. Rubio is mathematically challenged. If there is a massacre of 50 people and a regulation prevents one death or injury it is worth it. The status quo is what is killing people. Doing nothing is not the answer. What the President has done is a start. There will be more murders today in the USA. The next mass killing will be a definite nail in the coffin of the loons running the NRA and Gun Owners of America. Maybe they should join Glenn Beck in his Libertarian Utopia land.

January 5, 2013

Despicably greedy pieces of arrogant money ass wipers!

These pricks do not give one rats rear end about human beings. I don't give a crap if they have damn families to support they do not care about anything but money, their status in life and the enjoyment of looking down their noses at anyone beneath them. These are the types of vermin who need to be separated from society because they have created the very poverty that kills people through famine, disease and degradation. They make money from screwing people over and death. There is a direct connection between the hording world money mongers and the damage that has been done to human lives throughout the world. Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and JP Morgan pay lobbyists and PR firms to spread the propaganda that what I and others are saying is the slippery slope to socialism or, God forbid, communism.

It's high time The United States moved out of the dark world of primitive tribal control of the masses and into the world of caring about the masses of human life involved. We are letting these greedy criminals get by with slaps on the wrist. They need to be brought to their knees. There are plenty of intelligent people who have empathy for human beings who are willing to take their place.

Just because a financial CEO and it's board have made money screwing people over for years and that's the norm, does not mean they can't be brought down, possibly prosecuted, jailed and replaced. There has to be a financial paradigm shift for that to happen.

Either that or the people need to rise up with an Uber-OWS that has leaders and consequences if there are no results. That would take courage. I think there is still courage in this country. That is one thing the greedy cretins cannot own.

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