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Lint Head

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Member since: Sun Jan 14, 2007, 04:52 AM
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Linthead left this world today. Thank you for providing a forum.

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So...there is no racism? The voting rights act should be ended? Blame minorities and the poor?

I've been on the face of the earth for a long time. Nothing has 'really' changed. Having a black president means nothing to the corporate fascists who own and steer society. For the powerful it's just window dressing. Their mantra is to let the people have their shiny objects and throw them a bone once in a while. Until the powerful corporately controlled politicians and overlords of the economy are taken down a notch or two dog whistle racism and bigotry will reign supreme. Bullying is more than something that happens in elementary school or high school. Some bullies grow up and bully themselves into powerful positions because no one has the guts to take them down.

I think the time has come.

To me the drone decision proves the powerful protect each other without regard to the less powerful.

To say it is OK to target and murder any citizen the federal government deems a terrorist without trial basically negates anything else the criminal Bush family has done to destroy the Constitution. There is a reason Bush, Cheney and Rice were not prosecuted. The powerful protect the powerful without regard to the less powerful. Apparently nothing has changed throughout the history of mankind and nothing will without an upheaval, revolution or outright defiance by the people being oppressed.

To turn this on it's head. The less powerful must protect each other without regard to the more powerful or the less powerful become nothing more than a meat machines that generate labor and money to make the powerful more so.
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