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Lint Head

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Member since: Sun Jan 14, 2007, 04:52 AM
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Linthead left this world today. Thank you for providing a forum.

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K&R!! What disturbs me are the liberal pundits and comedians who poo poo this fact.

Saying we are alarmists. We are being slowly boiled, slowly choked. The is a definite goal. Financial elitists always have a "business model" and on a global scale it is to have the majority become enslaved to a system of finance and rules that supplant any constitutional ideas with a model of modern corporate fascism that will mimic human rights to the point that convinces people they actually have rights. History is showing the people are fighting this war battle by battle in the streets and courts. I am not young and I fear people in the future will read about how the battles were lost and the "system" has prevailed. That is, if people are even allowed to read about it. The battles are so under reported presently to the point that people are lulled into complacency. That is a big part of the business model leading to theocratic corporate fascism. People are dancing down the yellow brick road wishing they could just tap their heels and go back to the human rights ideals that took thousands of years for mankind to mentally evolve to. The Magna Charta, the US Constitution and other documents that represent human rights were high points in that evolution. Now the concept of greed has evolved to the point it is threatened by the ideals of human rights.
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