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Lint Head

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Member since: Sun Jan 14, 2007, 04:52 AM
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Linthead left this world today. Thank you for providing a forum.

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So Steve Bannon is embracing the term Deplorable. Saying 2016 was a good year for the

Deplorables and 2017 will be even more exciting. Guess his twisted mind thinks he's doing what Obama did by embracing the term Obamacare. Come on Stevie. Embrace the truth. Time to embrace the term Nazi? How about, Racist? How about, Bigot? How about, Fascist? How about Sexual Assault enabler? How about embracing that domestic violence, battery and dissuading a witness following an incident in early January 1996 situation? How much you willing to embrace?

I think you are too cowardly to embrace the truth. I think you are an accessory to treason involving interference with an American election and attempted silent coup of the country. There is no way you have the intel detail that Obama currently has. They know you're neck deep in Putin's criminal activity along with Paul Manafort.

This is from The Guardian, July 2016. The Russian connection and the hack is mentioned.


Yes. It's like the NY/NJ mob have teamed up with the Russia mob to

rob the treasury. Putin is already mad that the US froze Russian Bank accounts because of their invasions and bombings of civilians. I think it's revenge. And Trump is infested with the disease of revenge. The love of money, which is the Biblical root of all evil, mixed with the disease of revenge is potent and dangerous when a sociopath like Trump works with a murderous psychopath like Putin.

It feels like our country has totally been taken over by the mob or the mafia.

Trump has his mob affiliations with the cement companies. Makes you wonder who's buried in that cement. New Jersey, New York. History repeating itself on a larger scale. We need a democratic Eliot Ness.

If the Emoluments clause doesn't matter then the date of certification

of the election doesn't matter. Or actually any federal law or Constitutional law doesn't matter. Trump is literally getting away with murder while weak kneed politicians stand by and watch. Right now it feels like our country has gone to shit.

Well. It has.

Krushchev bangs his shoe and shouts in Russian, "We will bury you!" Well?

Will they? is it too late to dig America out of the grave? Or should we fight to stay alive.
So many Americans have died to keep the idea of America alive. Should we just forget why they are dead?
Or should we remember?

WP:Secret CIA assessment says Russia was trying to help Trump win White House

The obvious glossing over of the Comey excuse and the

Russian connection to our democratic election is extremely troubling. No. Urgently troubling! The so called
protectors of our nation and it's treasury should
have their damn troubling hair on fire.

Comey would not confirm Russian involvement in hacking the DNC because he was afraid of influencing the election. But he influenced it by sending that, well timed, well placed Republican talking point email evidence letter to right wing congressmen knowing it would be leaked.
Neither Comey nor Putin are dumb. But they're playing us for dumb. It has been verified by over a dozen security agencies that the Russians are involved in the DNC "only" hacking.
I'd bet my grandmother's new draws that Manafort
knows Comey and knows him well. Comey is a Republican, though it is reported he is now independent. Manafort worked for a Republican but left because his Russian connection was getting to hot to handle.
This is subversive and ideologically driven.
Could Comey himself not see the coincidentally circumstancial evidence of keeping the Russians safe from discovery? After the election it's too late. But Trump will help Russia bury us for free.

I love tacos but.....

Have you notice how the same propaganda that's being used against Mexico is being used used against the U.S. by the Trump campaign?

The propaganda: Mexico is a crime ridden country.

Same propaganda: The US is a crime ridden country.

Also the same message that He is the Savior. By making America great again and saving Mexico from itself by building the new Berlin Wall. (Hmmmm. Does Russia really have some influence on Trump?)

That was the main message this surrogate for 'His Majesty of Orangeness' tried to communicate before he mentioned taco trucks on every corner.
I think Tacos will mean curtains for Don the Con.

There could be very few to ruin anything if the "Down Ticket" loses. Trump is absolutely destroying

the GOP. The smart ones will either head to the hills or head out to support GOP candidates who are losing in the polls.
The Orange Burgermeister could cause a schism in the Republican party resulting in an offshoot party with current GOP
leaders creating a different kind of GOP. It's happened before. In a slightly different way. The Whigs and Tories thing.
The Lincoln Republican party that was essentially the current Democratic party in their beliefs. Even the Democratic party
went through a redemption when the Civil rights laws were passed in the 60's. That's why I say, 'You show me a racist and I'll show you a Republican.' That doesn't mean all Republicans are racist. It's just that I know of no Democrats who are racist. There could be, but, considering the KKK feel redeemed because they are accepted by the leader of the Republican party for President, I don't think so.

The Trump trope I hear from talking news heads that

'Trump is tapping into the anger of the people' is very deceptive or downright wrong. I call it the "You know? (fill in the blank) syndrome. For example. You know? Mexicans are stealing our jobs and raping our women. You know? Politicians in Washington are stupid. You know? You know? I think that is why Trump can be equated with Hitler, Mussolini and many other dictators throughout history who rose to power. They cause people, who do very little real "thinking" or are "lazy thinkers" or do not contemplate or think at all, to believe anything. It's simply a tool used to create a foundation and avenue to power. You can call it fear mongering, which it is, but I think it's different than that. In the hands of a narcissistic sociopath it's downright dangerous.

Trump is using the questions we all have about society and twisting them in a way that make the "less decerning" believe what he wants them to believe. He justifies his ends using any means. The Talking News Heads need to start telling the truth. Saying that Trump is creating anger. Not tapping into it. Hitler convinced the German populace that Jews were the cause of all their problems. Financially and socially. It's sad that so many can be led to the edge of anger. I fear many will actually take the dark leap into destruction.

Representative William Lacy Clay, Democrat 1st district

St Louis, Missouri is the only person speaking the truth at the Flint water hearings on the hill today. I'm watching C-SPAN 3 and Republicans are being sarcastic and hypocritical with their questions. Of course I would expect nothing less. Mr. Clay's questions and statements should be broadcast all over the country on every Network. He quoted Donald Trump and Ted Cruz regarding their statements about eliminating the EPA. During the hearing Republicans say the EPA should have done more yet they call for less regulation and are calling for their the EPA's elimination. I'm apoplectic. This is incredible. Thank you Representative Clay! [IMG][/IMG]
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