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Lint Head

Lint Head's Journal
Lint Head's Journal
May 15, 2018

Nashville Tn is no longer Music City. It's Condo City.

Most of the studios where music history was made are now dust and covered by condos and hotels. In 1970, Beatles drummer Ringo Starr recorded the solo album Beaucoups of Blues at Music City Recorders, with Scotty Moore as engineer. He was Elvis Presley's original guitar player. That studio is now a parking lot.
Soundshop Studios where Paul McCartney recorded Junior's Farm in 1974 while staying on the Lebanon, Tennessee farm of Curly Putman Jr., which accounts for the song's title. Jimmy McCulloch played the guitar solo as his Wings debut. That studio was torn down and condos now are it's tombstone.
So many other Publishing Company buildings and Studios no longer exist where the likes of Elvis Presley, Hank Williams Sr, Jerry Reed, Chet Adkins, Roy Orbison and many others wrote and recorded are gone. It seems the Mighty Dollar is more important than the history and integrity of what created our popular culture. There are several billionaires who live in the Brentwood area of Nashville and the Franklin area that have bought up lines of houses of 16th Avenue and 17th Avenue and 18th Avenue that are scheduled to be demolished and living mausoleums to greed are to be built. If you're planning a trip to Nashville don't expect to see the truth. Just expect to see the gaudy bling bling of capitalism or maybe ride a tour bus where a tour guide will point to empty lots where history was made. Ben Folds and the Society for theNational Preservation of Historic Sites has preserve RCA Studio A and B. But that's about it.

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