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Adsos Letter

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I did not know that Budweiser had a dog.






Two more birds



Some birds.





Who's in your neighborhood this evening?

Who's in your neighborhood this evening?


Front Porch with clouds


Kiva Blueberries


What a gorgeous day it is.

I hope everyone in the California group gets a chance to spend at least a little time outside today.

A few images from the Port of Oakland.

There is a small park w/walkingtrail along the shore at the Port of Oakland. The port is south of the Bay Bridge, so the view of the bridge and the San Francisco waterfront are a bit different than the more common tourist advertising shots. This was my fist visit out there.

Cranes at the Port of Oakland


A different kind of crane at the Port of Oakland






View back toward San Francisco



Sitting in the spine surgeon's waiting room

Rainy Day on Suisun Marsh






I live within a stone's throw of this place (literally) "...the largest brackish water marsh on west coast of the United States of America." If you're interested, you can read about it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suisun_Marsh

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